Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear Santa,

I am writing on behalf of the critters here on Front Porch Indiana Farm. I can personally attest that they have all been relatively good this year. I would recommend that most of their Christmas wishes be granted. Some, I’m not so sure about.

Of course, as usual, the dogs just want bones.


The sheep, however, would like some nice fuzzy legwarmers. Seems they have been watching What Not to Wear and believe the legwarmers will help balance their figures.


The chickens would like some snow shoes. Preferably something of a flip-flop nature that they can slip on and off at the door. Old One-Eyed Calico Jack also asked for a map to Florida, but I’m not suggesting that as a good idea. Nothing good could come of it.


The goats were very specific in requesting one-way tickets back to Nigeria where it is warm; but if that is out of the question, they would settle for some raincoats.


And finally, the cat would like an I-pad and an online subscription to The Wall Street Journal.




I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

I think you know your animals well, and that picture of the cat is priceless!

Michelle said...

I love your blog! your animals are so beautiful and the sheep is 2 cute! I live in Illinois and any chance I get I go up to Nappanee, Shipshewana area. I would like to move there someday. I am totally intrigued by the Amish. Have a wonderful Christmas and stop by and see me sometime.

schoonoverfarm said...

This post is just adorable. I love the photos and the wishes for being relatively good.

Carmen said...

LOL! Love the "chillaxing" cat!

Nancy K. said...

I can just picture the sheep in legwarmers and chickens in flip-flop snowshoes!

The kitty picture should be on a Calendar!

Thanks for the smiles...

The Barn Door said...

Your blog just makes me laugh! Love the reference to leg warmers for the sheep!!
Happy Holidays,

Chai Chai said...

Leg warmers for the sheep - perfect, I always wondered how to keep them skinny things warm.

Tickets to a warm place for goats, yep, they hate snow.

Flip-flops for chickens made me laugh! Practical though.

carol fun said...

If these wishes are granted there will be some happy critters at your place - LOL! My 18lb cat wants his own account at the local pizza place that delivers- probably not a good idea. But he is a generous tipper - -LOL! Thanks for the laughs!

D Brown - IL, USA said...

I have missed your post soooo much. Welcome back!

Mom L said...

Wow! They've got some great gifts coming...maybe! I think my cat just wants her own recliner, because she doesn't like to share mine with me even though it's big enough for both of us!

Nancy in Iowa (snowy Iowa today)

Whosyergurl said...

So practical! Love it!
hugs, Cheryl

Karen Anne said...

ha ha ha ha ha :-)

dls said...

Love your photos..... especially the sheep with snow on his nose! How sweet is that!