Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Cupboards are Bare

Yet another drought this year. That makes four out of the five we’ve lived here.


It is hard to sustain anything on a pasture that looks like this. We’ve already been feeding hay for weeks now even though I asked the boys to ease up on the snacking.


“Did you eat all the grass, Dino?”

“No, it was Frankie.”


“Sammy, did you eat all the grass?”

“No, it was Frankie.”


“What about you, Peter? Did you eat the grass?”

“No it was Frankie.”


“Well Frankie, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“What? Who me? Why no it wasn’t me, I never ate any of it. Not a single blade.”


“I’m innocent. Those guys are trying to set me up.”


“Then what is that hanging out of your mouth?”


“I uh, I uh, I was flossing?”



The Barn Door said...

LOL!! Frankie you are caught red handed! Or maybe...red-lipped!

Karen Anne said...

Too bad there isn't some way to redistribute the rain. Seriously, I know they have a project underway in Libya, although heaven knows what will happen to it now, to pipe water a long distance into the desert towns. If the droughts continue, something that should be thought about.

The animals look wonderfully healthy. Great work.

Whosyergurl said...

The critters sure are cute despite the rain. Frankie got caught!
xo, Cheryl

Nancy K. said...

Poor Frankie! Everyone always blames the littlest guy. It's all hearsay and circumstantial evidence ~ it'll never stand up in court!

Your ground looks so pathetic! Want to board a few animals at my place? I'll be mowing pastures until it snows!

Gone Country said...

I LOVE this post! So cute!

I'm sad to see your pasture looking so rough.

Florida Farm Girl said...

I'm so sorry your pastures are suffering so. Let's hope that very soon there'll be a change in weather pattern that will allow you to get some rain before its too late for the summer!! I love your little woolies!!

Me and My Stitches said...

They are all so stinking cute!! Love them! It is dry, dry, dry here too. We actually had rain today for the first time in MONTHS. We had a little less than an inch, but it sure was nice!

Jennifer said...

LOL... Ooo my this is great, so funny. Frankie is busted!