Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Day at the Office

I’m home after a long day at work and covered in goat slobber. I thought I would introduce you to a few of my coworkers.

We call this little Alpine goat Booger. As in, “you little booger, get back here.” Or, you little booger, get out of there.” Or, “you little booger, stop eating my hair, coat, pants, badge, shoe, etc.”  He’s three weeks old and the star of the show.


Also three weeks old are these little Horned Dorset lambs. Mom and babies are sweet as can be and rival my Popcorn in friendliness. We’ve had three ewes lamb out of this breed so far.


The world’s sweetest Shorthorn heifer doesn’t even bat an eye when children ask if she’s a cow. I have no idea what else they think she might be?


Miss V, an Alpine doe still has 6 weeks to go in her pregnancy. I’m not sure if she’ll give birth or explode. There has to be at least three babies in there. She is smart as a whip and will wait until none of the human staff are watching and make a run for it out the front of the barn and down the path where all the good weeds are.


And finally, the newest member of the staff, a teeny tiny Tunis two days old.


We have thousands of people through the barn every day and all these guys work amazingly hard to please. I’m not sure which is more precious, the animal babies or the reactions the human babies have to them.


Michelle said...

Any chance your beautiful sheep could live at your workplace? Or are they not period enough?

Anonymous said...

Awww! So sweet -- even "Booger" and Ms. B. Makes me want your job!

Jean - MN

Nancy K. said...

Do you have a "favorite" animal at your job?

Christine said...

Since Shetlands were not in this country at the time, no. They sometimes borrow bottle babies of any breed, but always return them once grown.

Nancy, right now it is a toss up between Booger and The Duck. The Duck is a blog post all his own.

Me and My Stitches said...

I really want to pet those cute little lambs!

Jennifer said...

Ahh!! Cuteness!! I love animals!! I always wanted to be in 4H, sadly having my dad in the country and mom in the city and living most of the time with my mom... that wasn't an option. For some unknown reason they don't want you raising chickens, sheeps, and pigs in an apartment. Who'd'a thought?!

stringsattached said...

Glad you posted the picture of the Tunis lamb. I have sourced some fiber that I can order and can't wait to get spinning. Love seeing the animals.

Lori Skoog said...

Spring has brought many new, beautiful babies.

Jocelyn said...

They are wonderful. The comments you get about the cow don't surprise me one bit. I'm constantly (politely) correcting people when they call my geese "ducks" and my goats "sheep".

As a people, we are sadly removed from our roots.

Honeysuckle Haven Cottage said...

Nothing sweeter than a little baby lamb face!

Anonymous said...

I am still thinking about the ending of your dream. You are young enough to be able to reinvent your life a few more times in the future. Keep those dreams.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, Tunis is such a wonderful soft brown color. Would love to hold one of those goat babies.

earlene said...

Love it!