Thursday, December 5, 2013

She Sat on a Tuffet

I just like saying that word - tuffet. Tuffet, tuffet, tuffet. It makes me smile. So this little bird on a tuffet had to be mine when I saw this kit at my local quilt store a few years ago. Then the poor thing got stuck in the waiting-to-be-made drawer while I got busy with other things. I finally gave her wings this week.

This project combines two different patterns in the book, A Bird in Hand by Renee Plains.

While I was in the mood for wool appliqué I also worked on this little travel sewing kit.

The inside has a pocket for a thimble and a few wool pages for needles.

It also has a pocket for some embroidery scissors.

I saw two different classmates from high school comment on Facebook this week about how they were bored. I had to laugh. I've never been bored and I know I'll never live long enough to finish my to-do list. I'm glad I was able to mark two more off the list this week. Next!


linda eller said...

Your talent is certainly a gift and I enjoyed seeing the product of that gift. Thank you for sharing.

Sheila said...

I have never done anything in wool, your two little project are so cute :)

Michelle said...

Bored people must be incredibly BORING.

Kellie from Indiana said...

Really nice finishes! I love the tuffet. I have a tendency to make things and not use them. Just set them on a shelf and ooh and ahh over stuff in disbelief that I made em. Except for afghans and quilts, they get picked up and used by various family members, sometimes even before Im done! I know what you mean about a lifetime of to dos. So much stash, so little time.