Monday, April 26, 2010

Greener Pastures

Phase two of the Great Fencing Project of 2010 is complete. The barn lot pasture is fenced, sporting new gates and ready for grazing.


We sectioned off an area around the East side of the barn to leave room for the barn renovation work to continue. Yes, I said “we”. I handed him the doohickey a few times and took pictures. That qualifies me to say “we”.


The previous owners had left a pile of crud, most of which the guys already removed, but some concrete blocks remain. Eventually they will come out and become a play structure for the goats. Then, after the barn renovation is done, part of this area will be a small isolation pasture connected to the pen inside the barn. You never know when you might need to separate somebody. DSC_4230

Shortly before bedtime Saturday night we had an open house in the new pasture. Like most parties it started out just fine. Everyone was getting along.DSC_4237

But as the night wore on, things started getting a little out of hand, words were said,  punches were thrown. The next thing you know the Golden Girls were asked to leave and not come back.   DSC_4226 

It IS supposed to be the goat pasture after all. Daisy, Bo & Luke are here to clear all this out and turn it into a nice pasture to add to the rotation.DSC_4231

I hope they’re hungry.DSC_4246



Michelle said...

I'm sure the Golden Girls were offended by the implication that Shetlands aren't just as good at clearing an area and eating brush as goats are!

Mom L said...

Looks like a lot of work for humans and critters, but I have a feeling you'll be very pleased with the results!!!

Nancy in Iowa

thecrazysheeplady said...

Those darn sheep. Almost as bad as the stupid chickens ;-).

Farmchick said...

Hi~ I enjoyed visiting your blog. :) Hope you can stop by and visit me too! :)

kristi said...

Goats are great for stripping just about anything and everything! Mine love those wild rose bushes. I think with a little bit of time and love all your sheep and goats will get along, but I admit the goats are a tad more pushy and love a good wool pull off the sheep;) Your barn and fencing are looking great!

Jayne said...

Fencing that in was a lot of work! And the goats have their work cut out for them, too. :)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ha, ha...your humor feels very familiar to me... were we possibly separated at birth and have yet to be told? lol

Not everyone is good with doohickey-handing, by the way. Just sayin'....

Leigh said...

Hi. I found your blog from a friend's recommendation. We just finished our goat fence too!