Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today I…

  • Did the morning chores
  • Worked out
  • Ate breakfast
  • Opened all the windows since it was 80 degrees
  • Wrestled the goats to the ground to trim their hooves
  • Ate Lunch
  • Washed the dishes
  • Fired up my new laptop
  • Was surprised to discover Windows 7 is actually an improvement
  • Gathered eggs
  • Mucked out  the sheep shack
  • Got a sunburn
  • Ate burgers cooked on the grill
  • Watched all the animals graze while the sun set, sipping a glass of wine.
I stink to high heaven, but it was worth it.

Don't forget to vote for the newbies, polls close tomorrow.


Milah said...

It WAS A GREAT DAY! Nearly wore myself out as well. Love the picture of the goats, reminds me of the story about Billy Goat Gruff. ;D

Mc Allen said...

OOOOh how I wish I could wrastle me some goats some days!!!! Wow, you had a very productive day.. :) This post post cracked me up! xoxo LA

Karen Anne said...

What is that gizmo in amongst the bales of hay?

I don't know how you can possibly need to work out when you do all that other stuff :-)

Christine said...

Karen Anne,

It's Willa's dog house. We put the bales of hay around it during the dead of winter to help insulate it. She used it, like, three times. That's it. As you can see, the goats love it though.

Terri said...

That sounds like the perfect day! :)

Lori said...

sounds like a great day!!