Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Does My Garden Grow?

Well, right now it doesn’t grow at all. Right now Old One-Eyed Calico Jack is partying it up out there with his merry band of wenches. I hate to be the breaker of bad news for them, but they’re not going to be able to stay there forever.

DSC_4292 That garden plot is mine, dang it. I already gave them the run that was supposed to be my garden, they’re not taking this one over, too. Nope, someday it’s going to look like this…


I snapped these shots during our visit to Greenfield Village. This garden is exactly what I had envisioned for our own homestead, only I was thinking something smaller.


But given that Willa just moved out of the garden spot a week ago, we’re not quite there yet. Not even close. We’re so busy with the Great Fencing Project of 2010 and school work and other things, the garden has had to take a back seat.


But we’ll still have plenty of fresh veggies to eat all summer, I joined a local CSA. I will get a box of wonderful, fresh produce once a week, every week, and I don’t even have to get my hands dirty.

DSC_4420  I think we’ll still be able to get some late season veggies of our own out for canning and putting up. Tomatoes are a must. And I think we can focus on getting some perennial plants going. But for the most part, I’m going to let someone else do most of the gardening this year. Now if I could just get them to come over and pull the weeds in my flower beds…



Dianne@sheepdreams said...

I saw that first picture of the garden and before I read the text, I thought I was going to have to stop coming here! Too perfect. That would also be my dream garden. In reality mine is raised beds full of weeds!

GardenofDaisies said...

OH that garden is absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to see how yours turns out! I would love to have some raised beds like that! Have a happy day!

Jayne said...

I love that garden! I thought the same thing as Dianne at first--that you'd done that yourself in the past few days. I was wondering how you fit it all in! Someone who blogs on houseblogs.net just started building a garden similar to that...can't remember the name of their blog...but they post pretty often and it's really interesting to watch the garden come together.