Sunday, May 23, 2010

Make Hay When the Sun Shines

It stopped raining, finally, after an entire week. Prior to that it had been cloudy forever. The sun yesterday and today actually burns my eyes. I am in the middle of a short break before summer classes begin and I have been hiding out in Sheville making the most of it.

Almost finished with my wool appliqué project.


Second Hand Clothes, a quilt for my guest room, is moving right along.



I finished the quilt top that looks similar to the one I saw while visiting Greenfield Village. Then I ripped the borders back off. I hated it. Now I’m waiting for more fabric to arrive. It will have to wait until the next rainy day.


Because the sun is shining and that means a fence needs to be built, weeds need pulled and somebody needs to fix poor Dorothy’s five-dollar haircut.

DSC_4732 “Well, it’s about time.”



Lori said...

I love the wool quilt and the backgrounds are fantastic!!
Sorry you weren't happy with teh border of the quilt. You msut have really disliked it to not give us a sneak peak:)

imagrandma2five said...

Both your quilts are gorgeous!

Nancy K. said...

I absolutely love your wool appliqued quilt! Would you ever consider bartering for one of your quilts????


Christine said...

Nancy, my first thought was "heck no", but then I thought of your beautiful HST lambs and boy was I ever tempted... LOL. One of those would be about the only thing I'd consider bartering for, but I produce quilts at a snails pace around here. I doubt I'll ever have enough time to make extras. :)

Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

We have had a lot of rain here in Ohio too. I actually turned on the AC awhile ago it is that warm. Loves the quilts. Do you get your wool new or from older clothes?

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

Wow-you have been productive during the rainy season! Gorgeous quilts. It has rained a bunch here also, but I don't have much to show for it except too much grass to mow.

Jo said...

I TOTALLY LOVE the wool project. It is on my to do list. I have the pattern purchased and am SLOWLY accumulating some wool. You have inspired me to get back on and get collecting. Love the quilt too.

Callie said...

Love your quilt! Hope you have good weather from now on. We still have rain. Enjoy the sunshine!

Sandra Henderson said...

I reall have enjoyed your Greenfield village pics and never did get around to linking them on my blog. Where do that days go? I love your quilts and it's so neat that you have one inspired by Greenfield. Such a lovely feel that your quilts have to them... SO warm and inviting and aged looking. Evoking a lovely time in America. :)