Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finding Buried Treasure

I’m still working on that whole Mission Organization 2011 thing. We’ve moved the desk and all the office supplies out of the guest room and into the parlor. We intend for the parlor to become the office/library/man cave and the guest room to be just a guest room. Novel concept, yes?

It’s been a major chore. I spent most of Monday filing away a year’s worth of paperwork that somehow escaped my attention. Easy to do when it is hidden away in a closet where nobody can see it.  It is a pain, but getting organized does have it’s benefits. Just this morning, while cleaning out the desk, I stumbled upon some buried treasure.


I can’t remember the last time I used a film camera. I can’t even remember what my last film camera looked like. The disposable cameras, no doubt, were shot by my children. Who knows what pictures lie inside? Once I found an old role of film and had it developed. The photos were of a friend’s wedding, by the time I got them back she had already divorced!


I found a $50 restaurant gift card. Note the chewed up corner. I remember that Geo was chewing on it so I took it from him and stuffed it where I found it. Sure miss that cool cat. I think I’ll have to save this, but I’m sure going to use the gift card inside. I’m not passing up the opportunity to have someone else cook for me.


When I found this piece of paper I let out a whoop that scared the daylights out of the cat. The previous owners of this old place had left us the stain recipe for all of the trim in the house. In order to alter or refinish any woodwork (which there is a LOT of) we would need to match the stain. I thought I had lost the recipe forever. I can’t tell you how happy I am to not have to try to figure out how to recreate it. And, in case I ever lose it again, I’m going to document it here on the ol’ blog. It’s Minwax stain 1/2 pint 233, 1/4 pint 210B and 1/4 pint 225. Yay!


Last, and certainly not least, I found the most priceless of all documents. It is the score card from the one and only time I have ever beat my Mom and my aunt at scrabble. They are DIE HARD scrabble players. Ruthless. Completely ruthless. So my winning against them was akin to the Cubs winning the World Series. I think I’m going to frame this and hang it on the wall.



Anonymous said...

The Scrabble card would be very cute framed and on your wall!!


Robin said...

Wouldn't it fun if we all could find treasure hidden away in a closet or drawer like you did. All I seem to find is dust bunnies. I noticed North Salem on the receipt. Is that North Salem Indiana? I have four generations of ancestors who lived in that neck of the woods.

Debby said...

I've started organizing my paperwork which hadn't been touched for 5 years, except to pack it for 2 moves. The nice thing is that I can through out a bunch. I will be glad to have it finished.

Karen Anne said...

You might want to get that film developed. I read that Kodak has stopped making the dyes necessary to process Kodachrome slide film. You can still get regular Kodak color film developed, but the handwriting is on the wall.

Rural Revival said...

I love the Scrabble card! I keep track on the inside of the lid to the game box each time I beat my husband, which isn't often. I'm too impatient and always set him up for the triple word score. Must stop doing that! : )


Mary Ann said...

I love finding buried treasure, too! I have my own closet to clean out... maybe this weekend!

Nancy K. said...

Gosh! Maybe I should clean off my office desk.....


Michelle said...

That's so fun, finding all those treasures!
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