Monday, March 14, 2011

She’s Crazier Than Me

That’s sayin’ somethin’, so I just had to stop and meet her. We were driving right past The Crazy Sheep Lady’s place on the way home from the quilt festival so we dropped in on her on Friday. She was busy getting ready for the big parade event but being the awesome person she is she just laughed and said “come on over.”

I was happy to finally meet Hank


and his flock of sheep. I was able to feed Renny a cookie and made fast friends with Keebler, Wooliam and Mia.


I wanted to bring home a Jacob sheep because they look so cool but brought home some yarn instead. I’ll have to settle for a Jacob hat.


I’m glad Sara was up for the “Calgon moment” we surely induced. It was like visiting an old friend even though we had never met before. I’m sorry I missed bar hopping with Ewen McTeagle the next day but maybe we can hang when I go back for the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival the end of May.


I told you she was crazier than me she took her sheep to a bar! I would never do that. *snicker* Okay, yes I would but she’s still crazier than me. Just because.



Lisa said...

You got to meet Renny? And Hank? I am SO jealous! and of meeting Sara too of course! ;)

Nancy K. said...

I am also green with envy! I would love to meet both you AND Sara (and all the critters, of course!)...

I wonder how long it would take me to drive to Kentucky?

Someone please remind me that my Jeep has 220,000 miles on it and a leaky radiator! And that I'm still unemployed....


Maybe NEXT year!

I'm glad you two were able to meet and I have no doubt that you had a GRAND time.

Michelle said...

I'll second Sara's in-person awesomeness!

Chai Chai said...

How nice that you can meet some of your fellow bloggers! I like the looks of those Jacobs, especially when the are freshly sheared.

The Barn Door said...

How fun!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yep, you are my crazy sister and yes, it felt like from way back! Next time come when you all can stay longer!!!

Sarah said...

Just found your blog! I am ALSO from Indiana, and had to comment here, cuz we have some Jacob sheep on our farm! I invite you to check out my blog. VERY soon, we should be having baby Jacobs! :) So excited!

Love your blog BTW!