Sunday, March 6, 2011

Technologically Advanced

It has been a crazy week. It started innocently enough, we left the house last Saturday to run a few errands. Next thing you know we had spent the entire afternoon at a car dealership and I was buying a new (to me) car.

Have you driven a brand new car lately? They have so many bells and whistles now days I’m pretty sure there’s a launch button in there somewhere so you can go to the moon. They are so smart it is scary. It reminded me of that movie where the space ship computer takes over. What was it’s name? HAL? Yeah, that one.

I don’t need a car that is smarter than me. I need one that goes from point A to point B when I tell it to. I have to admit though that I have grown quite fond of heated seats, but if you go out today and buy a new car with heated seats it will cost more than my first house mortgage.

I didn’t buy a new one.

Instead I bought a used one. It doesn’t have a launch button, I checked. But it does have the hands-free Sync system so I can say “Call Mom” and it will start dialing. Pretty nice and the only way I would ever use my cell phone while I’m driving. The only problem was my cell phone wasn’t advanced enough to handle it.

You see, when I quit my telecommunications job, I REALLY quit my telecommunications job. The last thing in the world I wanted to do was continue to live on the cutting edge of that technology. So my cell phone? It only makes phone calls. That’s it. Crazy in this day and age, huh? And to be perfectly honest with you, I probably only use about 5 minutes of my monthly allotted minutes per month. I mean I REALLY quit my telecom job.

We happened to have an iPhone lying around the house. No really, the Engineer had dropped his and cracked the screen. His employer supplied a new one and this old one has just been lying around here for over a year. It works just fine it just has a crack in the screen.

I’ve now spent two days figuring out this phone, adding music and audiobooks. Did you know there are knitting apps and quilting calculators? 

I could have used the row counter app when I was making this neck warmer.


Or tracked my notes and snapped a picture of  these socks.


I guess after all these years it might be safe to ease back into this technology thing now that I have a legitimate use for it. Because taking pictures of one’s perfectly matched socks is important stuff.



Taryn said...

My iphone (also with cracked screen and also hand me down from hubby whose phone is crack free) is full of quilt pics. I find them very handy to have around since you never know when you will happen upon a quilt show unexpectedly.

Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

I don't have a cell phone. Or a car. I'd like to own them... though I hate talking on the phone... but I know cell phones come in handy when you are out and about and something goes wrong. Plus, I have noticed that pay phones are slowly disappearing!

I love your socks!! :)

Happy Sunday!

Blessings, Jessica

Michelle said...

The car we bought a year ago was only a year old so I know what you mean about bells and whistles! And oh, how I love my heated seat - I figure the car is going to pay for itself in back therapy. But it doesn't have that sync thing for the phone, so I don't need to upgrade my little cellular dinosaur....

Michelle said...

The car we bought a year ago was only a year old so I know what you mean about bells and whistles! And oh, how I love my heated seat - I figure the car is going to pay for itself in back therapy. But it doesn't have that sync thing for the phone, so I don't need to upgrade my little cellular dinosaur....

deborah said...

amazing socks!

Lori said...

New car! New phone! Sounds like fun!

OMG I love the socks.

Mom L said...

You mean, gasp, cell phones can do more than make phone calls?!! Yeah, I know, as most of the email from my daughter qualifies by saying "sent by daughter's Blackberry". Not only does my phone do nothing but real phone stuff, I use it only when I'm in the car so it isn't on very much. But congratulations on the "new" car!

Nancy in Iowa

Florida Farm Girl said...

Well, aren't telephones just that? Telephones? I turned off the text service to mine, don't know how to upload a picture even if I took one and hate to use it except when I have to. I have a camera and a computer, so I certainly don't need a telephone to do that!! Besides, I need all the brainpower I can get and it's now being proven that excessive cell phone use does not nice things to your brain. Do you think it might be a sign of us getting ....uh....hmmmmm......older?? :)

Milah said...

I was riding in a friends car when I thought I was having the worse hot flash in my life. This hot flash went on for miles, it wouldn't stop. I was sweating, my heart was racing, I thought I was gonna die, then suddenly she realized the seat heater was on! True story.

Love the socks!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Excellent knitting!!!!!!!!! I'm impressed!

BTW, I just ordered a new computer and wanted one of the old 4:3 monitors - VERY HARD TO FIND - and ordered one with a item number 2007HBS blah blah some letters. Turns out it WAS an actual 2007 model. That Tim was still using on his "old" computer at the shop. Talk about technology...

Farmgirl_dk: said...

How funny - we really are in synch at times... I had to replace my very outdated and broken-screened cell phone last week and I got myself an iPhone - you know, the ones who have been reduced in price to $49, similar to any other non-smart phone. I've been frustrating myself ever since trying to figure out how this kooky new-fangled thing works. lol. For now, I'll just keep telling myself "Old dogs CAN learn new tricks...Old dogs CAN learn new tricks!" and hope that it's actually true.

Anonymous said...

Totally important! I've had my SUV for 9 years... heated seats. No dialing options, but I still love the thing... it hauls my big dogs, my groceries, luggage when necessary, bins to take to the recycle station. It's just plain handy... and IT'S PAID FOR!

Great looking socks.

Autumn said...

Well, take a chance when you've got it! I don't have the most advanced phone, although sometimes having an iPhone would he handy. That's a really nice pic of your new socks!

PS: My word verification was "Share". What a perfect choice for a blog comment.

Karen Anne said...

Great sox!

My cell phone only makes phone calls, but I made sure it had E911, so if I call 911 they automatically know exactly where I am.

I was tempted to get a new one for GPS map apps, until I realized what it would cost monthly compared to the $30 I shell out now.

I'm also a refugee from technology, after decades working in it. Deliberately low tech cell phone, no television.

crazysheeplady, I like those old monitor dimensions too. I buy old notebooks on ebay and so far have kept them cobbled together enough to have at least one working.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting teased lately for buying a newer car. My 1988 Volvo finally needed too many repairs so we bought a 1996 Volvo. They wonder if I'll ever have a car less than ten years old!

It is a more basic model than the old one so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles - but it goes, it stops, the A/C works & the radio works. Pretty much perfect in my opinion.

Not sure about all of you that are in love with your seat heaters - around here A/C is much more essential!

Enjoy all your new goodies!

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

I replaced my Subaru Forester with a new one a few months ago and I love it! Mine has the Bluetooth thing and though I suppose it makes me look like I'm talking to myself, I have to say, I love it. And those seat warmers are the best during a winter like we've just lived through.

Benita said...

Yes, perfectly matched socks is the bestest thing ever! I always take pictures of mine to show them off.

Congrats on the new (to you) car.

Rural Revival said...

There's a row counter app??!!!

Mary E. said...

Can I have the pattern for the neck warmer? I live in the south but have a dtr in Wisconsin that would love it. Love my iPhone and all it's apps!! Will ck out the row counter.