Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lazy Summer Days

Who came up with that stupid phrase anyway? Are you having a lazy summer? I know I’m not. Between the weeding, the gardening, the catering to every whim of the animals in this heat…
“You know I prefer lemon in my water,” said Thelma.

“I’ll have a hot fudge sundae with sprinkles,”  said Rose.

…and my human children attempting to occupy my every waking hour this summer, I’ve still managed to accomplish something while hiding inside in the air conditioning.
I figure if we’re going to do the civil war reenacting stuff, there is no way on God’s green earth I’m sleeping on the ground where God knows what can slither into bed with me. Therefore, I purchased an old vintage army cot. It looks more like it belongs on the set of a M*A*S*H episode versus a civil war reenactment. In order to disguise the cot I needed to come up with something time-period appropriate to cover it. So I dug out a civil war fat quarter collection that I had been hoarding for a while and quickly put together this cot quilt. The border and backing fabric are on the right in the foreground. I’ll tie this quilt together with some of Rose’s leftover yarn instead of quilting it to make it a true civil war cot quilt.
Once I finish this one, I’ll fix up one more for the kid in plaid flannels and we’ll be set. One more thing almost off the ever growing to-do list. Hip, hip, hoorah!


Courtney said...

Wowzy! That quilt is amazing! You just threw it together? Really? I'm in awe! Plus, I'd like a nice sundae with sprinkles too, while you're at it!

Milah said...

Nice job, it looks very authentic!

I'm like you, I haven't seen a lazy day yet, but I'm hoping I might in August.

Betty Lou said...

I like your quilt-------and I like your cot idea. Don't want any unwanted guests coming in to sleep. I think it is great when families get involved with reinactments. Good learning experience for everyone.

carol fun said...

Great looking quilt - and I'm with you about not sleeping on the ground. I love God's creatures but I don't want to share my bed with them - well except for the cat, he can stay - LOL!

Nancy K. said...


You're trying to shame us, aren't you? Or is it just me? You're trying to shame ME? Make me feel guilty for being lazy?



John Gray said...

I would kill my mother for that quilt
its lovely

Karen Patrick said...

That quilt is gorgeous. Good work. Are you sure you want to tie it. Why don't you take it to Billie Creek and we'll hand quilt it. Shouldn't take more than 3 or 4 years.

thecrazysheeplady said...

You just whipped that together, eh? Sometimes I hate you. Really, really hate you. ;-)