Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pretty Much All I Got Anymore

Pictures of animals laying in front of fans taken with a fogged up camera lens.


Sometimes they get up to pee.


Super exciting stuff.

If you’ve never been in Indiana and are thinking of visiting someday you should scratch July off your list. Unless, of course, you think unbearable heat, 90% humidity, chiggers biting your hoo-ha and millions of bugs that make a noise so loud you can’t hear yourself think would be a good time.

Then by all means come on over.



Milah said...

It sounds no different over at your place....I think I'll sit here until the weather breaks, or until I have to get up to pee.

clairz said...

This one made me laugh, as did Milah's comment. Feeling much the same during monsoon season here in southern New Mexico--lots of humidity (for us, that translates to 25%, lol) and still little rain. Must be the dog days of summer.

Kim said...

Too funny! You always make me laugh.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

LOL!!! My hubby actually loves that type of weather! Not me!

Anonymous said...

I know.... we are all suffering in this heat. Poor animals.... :-(

Danni said...

Oh dear!! I can't imagine it being so hot and humid somewhere that my camera lens fogs up when I am outside!
And Milah made me laugh, too, but then Clairz made me laugh because she, too, was laughing at Milah. So, basically, we've gotta whole buncha laughing going on.
But *with* you, Christine, not *at* you. Never at you.

Jennifer said...

I live in Kentucky & its awful here too, I feel so sorry for my barnyard animals... I've lost a few due to the heat lately.

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Sounds like you're definitely not the place to visit in the summer. Just like northern NH is not the place to visit in January - unless you're fond of 40 below temps. Migrating sounds good though.

Jayne said...

It's like that here in Missouri too! We're finally getting some rain tonight--big thunderstorm coming through right now. Hopefully it'll make it out to you and break some of that humidity!