Friday, December 2, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. The Evil One, aka Turd, peed in my laundry basket, knocked over an entire can of Diet Pepsi, and destroyed the wicker laundry hamper. Yet, he still lives. I can actually hear the brownie points racking up for me in Heaven.

2. The writing suggestions you all have made are excellent. It was exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. It is difficult for a writer to know if what they have in their little pea brain has translated to the page. Now that I’ve read the comments, it is all blatantly obvious. Thank you. There will be more coming. (Did anyone else, who knows my brother, get a little freaked out by how much he looks like Stephen King?)

3. Did you know that the Kindle can read to you? So you could sit there and perhaps knit or sew and not have to hold the thing or even turn the pages? Where has this device been all my life?! Why didn’t anyone tell me? Imagine how much more I can get done! Oh, Santa…may I please have one?

4. I’m still waiting to hear back from the nice people at “The Farm” commune in Summertown to see if I’m in or not. It seems like it is taking a long time. Maybe I shouldn’t have sent them a link to the blog?

5. Thanks to The Crazy Sheep Lady at Punkin’s Patch, I’ll be spending my weekend in the barn choreographing a holiday extravaganza similar to the one in this video. (Click on the picture for the link.)

Cutest thing EVER.


Milah said...

I'm glad you'll continue pursuing your writing dreams. You definitely have a gift with words and I love the random doses of humor mixed in.

Those lambs are adorable, good luck with your own!

Turd needs to be quarantined in a bathroom or closet. I'd be afraid to sleep with a psycho cat roaming the house.

I should have let you examine my Kindle at retreat. Sorry I didn't think about that. I have an idea, since our tastes are so similar, we trade kindles every now and then and read each others books, LOL! Imagine the money we'll save!!!

Beth said...

smart lady you are ... a kindle is something you must have!! hope your christmas wish comes true. i love the lambs ... their video is super cute!! sounds like that cat needs some help. therapy? drugs? a drink? ha. ha!! (:

Love My Old House said...

The Kindle's read aloud feature only works with books that publishers allow that feature on. Some publishers are paranoid and won't allow it.

Joyce said...

The text to speech feature sounds very mechanical and robotic, not a pleasant read really. I do like to get audio books for my kindle though and listen to those while I weave or quilt.
I've been reading your blog for a while, found it through Theresa's, I'm also in Indiana and I raise angora rabbits, which I think you need to add to your fiber farm!

Karen Anne said...

Poor kitty misses his Dad.

Kathy said...

Have you tried using Feliway? It will help to calm some cats down when put into a new environment. We're having some luck with it.
Most kindle books have a "share" feature, so you can trade books with friends from time to time. I like that!
I currently use the Kindle and Nook apps on my iPad, but am considering an Actual Kindle Fire because I prefer the eInk and matt screen for reading in bright light situations.
Can't wait to see what sort of video you come up with starring your Fiber Friends!

Nancy K. said...

Oh, MY! Turd really is appropriately named isn't he? Sorry for your rough day!

I'm very glad to hear that you will continue writing ~ especially on here! I think you do about the best HUMOR of any blogger that I read. And you don't even seem to be trying!

I'll include a Kindle for you in my letter to Santa....I have an iPad2 but I don't think that it reads out loud to me. Who knows? Maybe it does! I have no idea how to use the stupid thing....

Since when are you going to join a commune? Are you taking husband and junior with you? Do they allow computers so that you can keep blogging?

Maybe I should join a commune...


Old House Lover said...

@Kathy: The Kindle Fire doesn't use E Ink (and I don't think it has a matte screen) but uses a backlit LCD same as the iPad 2 it's just smaller.

Karen Anne said..., which is one place I buy used paperbacks, buys books. I don't have any experience with selling to them.

Their site says tell them the ISBN numbers and they'll tell you if they want them and they pay postage.

Karen Anne said...

Christine, In the poll, does (free) Kindle for pc count as an e-reader...