Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Their Mugs on a Mug

Through blogging, I have met some of the kindest, most talented people I have ever known. Tonya, at Flat Creek Wool & Pottery, is one of the best. I’ve followed her for some time now, watching her little one grow up, while wondering how on earth she manages to accomplish what she does with a toddler in tow. Her pottery is beautiful, I have purchased a few of her yarn bowls as gifts and even one of her famous Ewenice mugs for myself. So, when she said she was taking orders for custom mugs I jumped at the chance.

I sent off a couple of my favorite photos and she worked her magic. First, Louise.


then Peter.


How cool is that? I now have their mugs on a mug and can enjoy their company anytime I want. Next best thing to bringing them in the house.

Tonya even sent along Peter as Christmas ornament.


And included one of her super-cute note cards.


The woman is crazy talented. Check out her etsy store. You’ll find good things there.


Nancy K. said...

I'll second that! I got a gorgeous yarn bowl from Tonya and two adorable sheep ornaments. I want to have her make an ornament of each of the dogs that I rescue! AND a pitcher and bowl. ;-)

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Love the ceramic pieces --- fantastic job on the mugs AND the hanging ornament!! NICE!!

The Barn Door said...

How cool!!!

earlene said...

That is very cool! And sweet!

tonya said...

Thanks Christine for the kind words :) So glad that everything arrived ok! Thanks again!