Sunday, July 8, 2012

Would You Like to See the Upstairs?

I’m stressing out. The new house is much smaller than this one and there is far less storage space. I thought I’d take a break from sorting and purging to take you on a tour of the upstairs. Any excuse to avoid packing is a good one.

This is the view from the parlor, to the right is the living room to the left is the entry.


The entry doors. The stained glass in the center of the windows is just something hanging there. The windows are actually old wavy glass.


The first three steps curve. If the wood floors under the carpet are in as good of shape as the steps I will be a very happy woman. I’m not holding my breath.


The master is just to the right at the top of the stairs. In addition to a fireplace and stained glass windows it has a small dressing area. On the left you’ll notice some of the creative electrification old Uncle Bob must have done that I noted in a previous post. That will be rectified.


The wallpaper has been there for a very long time and asked me if I would please, please retire it. I am hoping to oblige. Along with some paint and a good waxing of the floor that should be all this room needs for now. The tile on the hearth needs reset, but that will be a long term restoration project.


The hallway has some plaster issues.


Aaron says he likes the frilly curtains and the flowery wallpaper in his room so much he wants to keep them.


Okay, not really. It is too bad, this wallpaper is in decent shape.


Can’t say as much for the ceiling though. At some point they covered it up with ceiling tiles. That must mean it is pretty scary up there.


The third bedroom made me cringe when I first walked into it. By the third or fourth visit though it started to grow on me.


It is such a tiny little room it’s not like anyone would spend much time in there anyway. And we don’t really want to make our guest too comfortable now do we?


Have you noticed all the transom windows above the closet doors? They are actually little storage areas. The faux leaded glass needs to come off as it is yellow  and peeling, the windows are actually just plain glass. That will be a fun project.


The fourth bedroom needs the most work. There was a leak in that corner many moons ago and the damage was never repaired.


It is a tiny little piece that fell off a room, but should make a good office space.


So. Show of hands. Who likes to strip wallpaper? Anybody?

(crickets chirping)


Where did everybody go?


Elaine said...

The wood is sooooo beautiful. I guess wallpaper was used to cover stuff that wasn't too good to look at. The house looks really big and seems to have a lot of rooms. Staircase is exquisite!! What a wonderful find!! I think it's a keeper!!

Tombstone Livestock said...

Some wallpaper is really easy to peel off ... but I am avoiding some that needs to come off ... I am one of those that wants instant results, and since it is in bathroom with carpet I just can't seem to want to start making a mess that I will have to clean up and then paint the walls.

Such a neat house, and historical too. Have fun.

Abby said...

It has character. I grew up in a farmhouse - our current house in a sub-division reminds me of that song about ticky tacky and they all look just alike. I love the beautiful woodwork and the hardwood floors - this is a house made with love for a family - a home - a place to make memories and feel safe and loved. You have a really great house! I agree the guestroom though could use a makeover. :) I didn't even know they made wallpaper that ugly. :)

Angela said...

I am good at fixing food and tea for the worker bees though. I will even clean up the kitchen and then go sit on one of the lovely verandas and crochet.

Chai Chai said...

What a wonderful home, so unique and full of character.

Anonymous said...

I so love your new home.....what fun it will be!

I understand your leaving the farm and giving up your animals....I am right there, I just have made to leap to give up my goats.....I feel like I spend half my life worried about them, I do love them so much....but I would so love my freedom and life back, I just feel so guilty at the thought of letting them go......I applaud you for being able to take the leap!

Enjoy your new home!!!!

Anonymous said...

oops...that was suppose to say...I haven't be able to make the leap!

Milah Frost said...

Angela, I like unsweetened tea with lemon, and Christine, give me a date and I'll bring my scrapper.

BTW, no one, and I mean NO ONE touch the wallpaper in room #3. I call dibs on that room with it's charming wallpaper!

Jayne said...

I LOVE your house! It's gorgeous! I'll bring my steamer and help you take off the wallpaper for a week if you ride back home with me and help me scrape paint. Deal? Hahahaha!!

The Chickens' Auntie said...

I actually like stripping wallpaper (weird, I know) -- especially in an old house like your 1892 house. I love seeing what's under each layer (and there are ALWAYS layers)! It's like a vertical archeological dig.

Meggie said...

It looks like the two of us are going through a similar experience. Leaving the farm is not easy....

Karen Anne said...

Writhes around in envy over that house and its woodwork :-)

Here's a suggestion from someone who moved after living in one house for 25-30 years with accumulated stuff, and made a mistake. I felt like I had to sort through everything and get rid of the excess before I moved.

So I drove myself past exhaustion and made some mistakes about what to get rid of.

If I had to do it again, I would box up everything and decide about what to keep after I moved, at my leisure. You have the third and fourth bedrooms to pack to the gills with stuff until you can sort it. The additional moving fees are worth the peace of mind.

Karen Anne said...

p.s. That hallway plaster reminds me of the kitchen walls in my old house.

Christine said...

You know, Karen Anne, I was just thinking I should go ahead and move everything. At least the other place is near town and I could have a garage sale once I get settled.

That plaster is going to drive me insane until it is fixed.

Muffy's Marks said...

What a treasure in the rough you have found. You will be kept busy for a long time, but will be stunningly beautiful when your finished!!

Lori said...

It really is beautiful. I'd almost be tempted to hire out the wall paper stripping job! I hate it that bad!!
I do think you can rent some type of steamer that may make the job easier.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Looks like you've got a little "cosmetic" work ahead of you! I just stripped the wallpaper of my dining room . . . it was THE MOST MISERABLE JOB EVER!!! But it's done, and we're happy!

Karen Anne said...

It just dawned on me that the stuff on the glass on your closet transom windows was probably put there to hide the jumble look of stuff stored behind it.

For some unknown reason, the plaster in my kitchen that looked like the plaster in your hallways was painted with strange glossy paint, as yours seems to be. I never got to dealing with the kitchen, so I'm not sure what that was about.

In one wall of my kitchen it seemed that under the paint and a thin layer of plaster, there was metal (not a vent.) The original 1930s kitchen was gone. It was remuddled in maybe the 1950s by someone with no skills whatsoever, so heaven only knows what was under there on that one wall.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything is working out for you. Is this house in the same general area that you were living in? Or are you moving to a completely different area?

Christine said...

Completely different area. I wouldn't be moving otherwise.

Karen Patrick said...

I don't mind stripping wallpaper. I've done enough of it over the years to be an expert at it. Also have scars on my hand from a leaky steam stripper that was rented when I helped a friend strip her house.

Becky Caudill said...

Oh my word. It's simply gorgeous. What an amazing turn of events. Congratulations.