Monday, September 24, 2012

And Behind Door Number Three...

Visiting me in this old house is a lot like being on an episode of Let's Make a Deal. First, if you can even find the house hiding behind the hedgerow and the trees, you have to decide which of the two driveways to use. Then, depending on which you chose, you have to decide which door to enter. I recently had five ladies over and each of them entered through a different door. Highly entertaining for me, probably not so much for them. 

You see there is Door Number 1, the front entry to the house. Of course, nobody wants to use those doors as there is no sidewalk leading to them. Neither the service drive on the left or the old Model A drive on the right leads to this entrance. 

DSC 3253

The service entrance, Door Number 2, at the far left side of the house clearly leaves a lot to be desired in curb appeal, and leads into the rather small kitchen. Not exactly a warm or welcome feeling I'd prefer for my guests first impression. 

DSC 3267

Of course, Door Number 3, on the back deck is another option from that drive. While it is a direct route to Sheville, it still is not properly appointed for receiving guests. Although after work "emergency meetings" would certainly warrant using this door as it is closest to the "beverage cooler."

DSC 3264

 If you were to meander through the yard a bit and circle around the house you would find the cute little side porch. Door Number 4 could make a nice entry as it leads into the dining room, if only the door could actually open. Seems we need to add call a locksmith to our ever growing to-do list.

DSC 3259

This little porch also has Door Number 5 which also leads to Sheville. You could certainly enter there…if you only weigh 80 lbs or so. I might have a little too much "inventory" blocking a bit of the doorway. 

DSC 3262

 So that kind of leads us back to Door Number 6, the side entrance of the front porch. The issue here is when you pull in the drive a large tree hides the house. 

DSC 3280

I think it confuses people. Not to mention the drive itself. I think they scratch their heads and say, "Is that a driveway? What is that?" It had been partly covered with grass, but I've dug it out and sprayed the weeds so soon the middle part will die as well making it obvious that it is indeed a driveway. That large patch of mulch on the left will be a good spot to park, I hope to bring in some gravel in the spring to mark it clearly. In fact I think there may have been some there previously.

DSC 3244

There were some seriously scary shrubs masking the steps.

DSC 3238

But a chainsaw took care of that on Sunday. No more seriously scary shrubs. Only stumps and a wicker swing that needs a tall person or two to come hang it. This is the door, my friends, that you will likely want to enter when you visit. I even put a couple of planters there in an attempt to make it obvious.

DSC 3246

   So, now that you understand how to visit, feel free to stop by any time, we will be here waiting for you.

DSC 3282


Tombstone Livestock said...

Love that your house has soooo many doors, have fun getting settled in, I think the flower pots will give visitors a clue.

Anonymous said...

Love all your door options! Older homes are quirky and neat!

Michelle said...

Looks like you have plenty of escape routes in case of fire! ;-)

Anonymous said...

It was good to see a picture of Ethel in the window. I wasn't sure if she had made the move, and I didn't want to ask. You sound soooo much better! Love your house!

Lynda said...

Your house sounds amazing. I love that you make all the discoveries and work sound like a great adventure!

Milah Frost said...

I can attest to everything you said here. I had no idea which drive to take or which door. I was eyeing door number #2 thinking it might be the best choice because of all the boxes beside it, but then door #3 looked good too, then suddenly you appeared by #2 and showed me the way. Next time I'll use driveway #1 and enter in door #6. May I suggest you sit on your porch this halloween so not to confuse the trick or treaters? Or for our entertainment turn on all the porch lights and film the engineer and the kid running through the house answering all the doors. That would be fun!

Muffy's Marks said...

The small price you pay to have such a picturesque home. Love the photo of kitty in the window, priceless!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I love this old house. Can't wait to see it all fixed up.

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

What a beautiful home, Christine. It looks very inviting, and I was so delighted to see that there is even a sweet cat to greet visitors! Nothing more welcoming than a furry friend!