Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Power of the Internet

On June 29, 2012 a tree limb fell taking the cable and phone lines with it. We put an offer on the house the next day. Since the house was empty, and without service, the cable company refused to repair the  lines. An order was finally placed to repair the line on August 8th, once they knew for sure we were going to activate service. A technician arrived a few days after we moved in. Sadly, he took one look at the wires leading to the house and said, "Um, no way man. That's messed up." I'm not sure if it was the dead tree propping up the utility pole...


or the tree being used AS a utility pole that scared him off. 


I just know he said someone else was going to have to come bore a hole under the street, blah, blah, blah. We waited, not so patiently, for several weeks and then started in on the harassing phone calls inquiring as to the status of our service. Then one day some poor customer service guy working at the cable company, just doing his follow-up customer service calls, entered the picture. He had no idea what he was getting himself into. Lots of phone calls and frustrations later, another technician showed up. He agreed that a simple solution would be to just get us hooked back up as it was before, at least that way we could have service. So he proceeded to run another line to the house. A storm was coming, but he hurried and got the job done. He was just finishing up and packing his things when another large limb came down. 


 What are the odds?  I mean is someone trying to tell us something? 


Luckily this time the limb didn't take the line down, they just spent a late night hanging out together. The storm did do some damage. The camper awning that we had been using to shelter the tractor is no more. Fortunately construction on the new small barn starts Thursday.


What I find most interesting though is that the dead limb I really wanted to come down is still up in the tree.

DSC 2988

And the dead trees at the street weren't really phased a bit.

DSC 2954

Their days are numbered. In an odd turn of events the arborist from the city stopped by yesterday. Said someone had complained about the dead trees so they are coming next week to remove them. It seems, while our parcel is considered outside of the city limits, the space between the hedge and the road actually belongs to the city. We are literally the last house where the city sidewalk ends and the wild country begins. Living on the edge. I like it.


Florida Farm Girl said...

See, your request was answered. You wondered who to call about those trees at the street and now, they'll be taken care of by the city.

You sound so much better and I am so glad.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Glad to hear you have internet again, waiting for more picture of Sheville. Are you still at Conner Prairie?

Christine said...

Yep, still at Conner Prairie. The Sheville pictures will be coming. A million things going on around here!

Karen Anne said...

That looks like a trimmed hedge to me :-) Did you folks decide what to do about it?

Christine said...

Nope, not trimmed. Just starting to fill in with all the rain we've had lately. No trimming planned for the near future.

Elaine said...

That tree sounds pretty bad! Even though it looks pretty good maybe they'll take it down too. Happy to hear you're back!!

Lynda said...

You are blessed that someone is removing the tree(s). That costs a pretty penny out of your own pocket.
Same deal with us with storms - - - the dead limbs are still in the trees and the live ones on the ground.