Saturday, April 19, 2014

Giving a Quilt is Like Giving a Hug That Never Stops

I really have been busy working away in the studio. I've just been working on some really slow to materialize projects and top-secret gifts. I have been waiting to show this one for a while. As soon as I found out my coworker was due to bring a little one into this world I knew I wanted to use some 30s prints for a quilt. I found a photo on Pinterest of a quilt using this pattern. Sadly there was no link so I had to do some internet sleuthing to figure out where the pattern came from. Eventually I was  able to determine that the pattern name was X-Rated, which as you can imagine made the internet search far more interesting! So in the interest of helping out my fellow man, I am going to provide a direct link to Carrie Nelson's Schnibbles Times Two book where you can find the pattern--much safer that way.  I made my version of the small quilt larger than what the book called for to more of a crib-size quilt. 

I lined the back with a fun scotty dog print and my friend Michele worked her magic on the quilting. 

She always does such a fantastic job with her long arm, like in this Civil War throw I made for my son. The shape she used echoes the shape of the flower on one of the prints.

I picked this throw-size kit up at a quilt show in Tennessee a couple years ago. I kind of liked the quilt top when I finished piecing it but I didn't love it. The quilting makes all the difference in the world. 

I like the 150th anniversary fabric for the back. It helps make this a manly quilt.

A third quilt is in the process of binding. I hope by mentioning that here, it will push me to get it finished. I actually enjoy binding a quilt. It might even be my favorite part as there is such a sense of accomplishment with it.

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Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, these are beautiful!! I like Carrie Nelson's quilt patterns, too. You did good.