Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Putting the Wheels in Motion

I have been putting the wheels in motion to start my new business venture. I have to say, I am really starting to get excited about it. I love the idea of running my own business and not reporting to anyone else but me. Tenth Street Textiles officially became a business on Friday when I submitted the paperwork for recording at the courthouse. 

I am busy working on a new blog, www.tenthstreettextiles.blogspot.com, and new Etsy shop, tenthstreettextiles.etsy.com. Bank accounts have been opened. Orders for materials have been placed. And I have even ordered some necessary manufacturing equipment - a Singer 201-2 from the 1950s. Built like a tank and can sew through just about anything I'll throw at it. 

This is going to be good. 


Patsy said...

Good for you! I had my on business for 20 years and loved it.

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

Very exciting!

benita said...

If at all possible, I plan to deliver a bag of bag-making fabric to you Saturday on my way home from TNNA. If you aren't home, shall I just leave them on your porch?

Anonymous said...

You will adore your Singer 201, I have the centennial model and just love her. Keep her clean, well oiled and she will out live us both. Best wishes on your new business venture.