Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Chicken or The Egg?

Unlike when I was a kid, this time around we'll be getting the eggs first. While the Easter Bunny has been running around hiding colored eggs, I've been out buying an incubator to nuke some. In the spirit of education we've decided instead of ordering chicks or buying them at the feed store to turn this into a science project and hatch our own. I can remember my dad hatched a batch and it was so exciting waiting for them to poke their way out of the egg. The 21 day wait for them to incubate was excruciatingly long, given that you have to turn them three times a day. But I was probably only about 10 years old and 21 days seemed like a lifetime.

I saw a post offering the "Forest Gump Special" on a chicken forum. Most of the eggs will be Barred Rocks but some "you just don't know what you'll get". How fun is that?! We'll be getting 20 fertilized eggs in the mail sometime this week. Here's the information I have about the parents from the "adoption file".

Hawkeye, a Barred Rock, is my main flock rooster and is two years old, a sweet, calm guy. He will be the sire of all the chicks.
DCP_6808.jpg Hawkeye May 11, 2007 picture by ClutchHutch
These are our Barred Rock girls. Lexie and Ivy are two years old and Amanda and Becca are a year old.
DCP_9461.jpg picture by ClutchHutch
DCP_5879.jpg Ivy, 1 yr Old picture by ClutchHutch
DCP_8699.jpg Amanda Dec 07 picture by ClutchHutch
DCP_8697.jpg Becca Dec 07 picture by ClutchHutch
Ginger, Buff Orpington
DCP_4087.jpg My Gingersnap picture by ClutchHutch
Sunny, Buff Orpington
DCP_7572.jpg Sunny July 13, 07 picture by ClutchHutch
Charlotte, Blue Ameraucana
DCP_8203Charlotte.jpg picture by ClutchHutch
Kate, sired by a standard size Cochin/Silkie cross roo over a Barred Rock hen
DCP_7946Kate.jpg Kate, 8 mths old picture by ClutchHutch

As my husband pointed out, I'll bet my Dad is up there smiling right about now. Sure wish I could call him and ask for chicken hatching advice though.


dynochick (Jan) said...

Cool chickens.

In my travels through the garden blogs I found several that are from bloggers with chickens. Maybe these will be helpful.

Renee said...

Well I hope they look like Becca instead of Amanda or Ivy - Woof!
LMAO at you as a chick magnet.

freaked out 'n small said...

I've never seen a Blue Ameraucana. They are beautiful!