Monday, March 24, 2008

Planning the Chicken Garden

We try to keep things as original as possible around this old house. Reuse vs replace and all that. The original chicken coop is another story. After 100 years it's been deemed uninhabitable, well except for the wild turkeys who consider it deluxe accommodations.

So we're finalizing the plans for the new chicken coop/garden shed. We've scrounged around the barn and have come up with some old kitchen cabinets, a lot of cement block and all the doors and windows we could ever need. I thought the old cast iron tub would make a great brooder, but figured asking the engineer to move it might send him over the edge. After a trip to my parents house, we'll have shingles and a few fence posts. While we were out this weekend we priced the rest of the materials and picked up what we needed to start restoring the old windows. At least that job can be done in the nice warm workshop.

Then today I started scratching out a floor plan and the engineer turned it into this thing of beauty when he got home. All we need now are a few warm weekends to make this plan come together.


Renee said...

My DH could decided to do something like this and then discuss it for 7 years. You guys immediately order the dang eggs.

By the way how big is that solitary confinement thingie...

Christine said...

No Renee, you cannot put your kids in my solitary confinement pen.