Friday, March 7, 2008

Funky Chicken Economics

It's snowing yet AGAIN. I was sick of it two months ago. Now I'm in a full blown funk. So I've been sitting here trying to figure out what to do to get rid of my case of the blahs. We're not exactly motivated to go out and spend a bundle of cash with all the economic doom and gloom on the news now days so major renovations are on the back burner. But we have a few things we could do around here that are economically responsible. So I'm declaring this the weekend to think about spring and spending that economic stimulus check. That should make me feel better.

First priority will be to finish up the pantry project. A little more wood and some stain should be all we need for now. No biggie. Then we have to figure out where we're going to house these chickens. The more we've thought of it, using the barn isn't the perfect solution. I'd like for them to be a little closer to house so we can keep an eye on them. The old outhouse is about to fall over and has actually become a hazard. So I'm thinking it should come down, and we can salvage what we can of it and build a new coop in it's place. So we'll need to invest in some building materials and fencing, but we will be rewarded with plenty of eggs. And if worse comes to worse, chicken dinners. The major issue I see right now is how on earth to get them here. Hadn't really considered that when we agreed to take them. I don't know about you, but throwing them in the back seat of the car and driving 60 miles doesn't sound like a good plan to me. That's assuming we even catch them. I think I need to call my Uncle and have a conversation.

I'd also like to add a new flock of Rhode Island Red and Barred Rock chicks, but if we're going to do that we really need to get moving on the coop soon. I'd hate to have a house full of chicks with no place to move them to when they're teenagers. The Reds are good layers and the Rocks are good eatin', I just like them because they're old fashioned breeds and they look like they'd belong here.

Lastly, we need to start thinking about the garden. What we're going to grow. If we buy seed and start them indoors or just buy plants. How to keep the varmints out. I know we're growing peppers for sure. Have you priced red bell peppers at the store lately? So then we'd have chicken, eggs and vegetables all we'd need then is a cow for milk.

ROTFL. Yeah right, like anyone around here's really going to milk a cow. See, I'm feelin' less funky already.


Renee said...

I'd rather milk a cow than kill a chicken. I'll gather eggs though. And eat them.

Anonymous said...

Having your own raised chicken to eat and eggs are what I grew up on. The killing of the chickens is a little harsh especially when they fall off the hanging and run around with their heads cut off, but they are a good investment. You could also try to sell the eggs around your community. You can make some good money to pay for chicken food and housing.

If I were you, I would plant everything I can in the garden - peppers, corn, beans, peas, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, cabbage.... they always have a lot better taste and are way cheaper than in the store.

Good luck. Sounds like you have a lot of fun planning to do.