Sunday, December 28, 2008

Do What Comes Naturally

Well, it's official. I've become "The Chicken Lady". Did you know this blog started out as a home improvement blog? No really, it did. Back when we thought we were going to transform this old farmhouse. Back before the economy took a nose dive and the real estate market tanked. Seems sort of silly to invest a lot of time and money in a house now days. So we do a little here and there when time and money allows, but no major renovations.

Here lately we installed carpet in the master bedroom. The only room with carpet in the whole house.

Then we painted and updated the upstairs bathroom. This is our family bath. Shared by all who inhabit the upstairs. I still need to finish hanging curtains and artwork. Who knows when I'll bother to get around to that.

But I'm not known for my home improvement blog. Nope. I'm "The Chicken Lady". You know you've been obsessing about chickens when almost all the Christmas gifts you receive are chicken related. One of my favorites was the sweatshirt my brother gave me...

But my point here is that it comes naturally to me. Chickens that is. Some of you will recall that this whole chicken adventure was all my Dad's fault. It's been one year since our current chicken project started. But really it all started thirty years ago.

Back when my Dad and I kept chicks in the basement.

That later grew up to be a colorful barnyard mix.

And the next thing you know they had friends. Lots of friends like ducks and geese.

And even a few turkeys.

That's me, many moons ago, petting Old Tom. My uncle is in the background. One would have to believe the combination of my uncle and the Pabst Blue Ribbon on the coffee table have something to do with how the turkey ended up in the living room. Nobody ever accused my Dad of not having fun.

So I just wanted to justify the direction this blog has taken. I get it honest. And I also wanted to warn you that, while around here 2008 was undoubtedly the year of the chicken. I think 2009 might just be the year of the turkey. But I plan to leave them outside...


Kathy said...

Hey Chicken Lady! I LOVE your blog and reading about your different adventures. I like the new carpet and the new bathroom. Lookin' good!

Milah said...

That turkey in the living room brings back memories. While vacationing in Grand Cayman my husband went into someones house (a beautiful house BTW) to use their bathroom. Their doors were open and they had chickens walking around in their house! He said the house was spotless too! I can't imagine! Reminded me of Ma & Pa Kettle....but with tile floors!

I love the mirrors and lights in your bathroom. Those are perfect for that room.

angelandspot said...

LOL I have chickens in the laundry room at the moment that are 2 weeks old. Earlier today I had my bottle lamb in my arms while I was sitting on the computer reading a blog. LOL I think some days I spend hours over at backyard chickens and to think I only got my first chicken in April and now have about 60. LOL

Jen said...

OH my gosh, it's been a year since the chickens started? I feel like I hang on your every word when I'm reading about the chickens!! Christine, I swear you have a gift with words.

StitchinByTheLake said...

First let me just say that I love your chickens. I'd get some myself just based on your blog except the neighborhood dogs would probably eat them. Second, I would like for you to transport that bedroom furniture to Arkansas immediately - you can ship it tomorrow and I'll be watching for it. Thirdly, the bathroom looks great. I love the way the change in mirrors changes the whole room. blessings, marlene

Carol said...

Christine I always read you blog for a giggle. Love those chickens and yes you do have a way with words. Told you before, you got a book in you sweetie.

And lovin' that bathroom. Those mirrors are beautiful.

Hoping you won't stop writing about Bob, Jack and the rest of the gang in 2009. We would miss them all terribly.

Amy said...

Love the chicken photos!!!! I just hatched some frizzles for my first hatch. They are 6 days old and just adorable!

Renee said...

For some reason I can't put my finger on, I fell out of the habit of reading your blog (or anyone's) on a daily basis. My bad. LOVE the turkey in the living room. Makes me feel better about some of my ancestors.

BTW - I might need to meet your brother. Great shirt! And I'll be single again soon... LMAO!!!