Monday, December 22, 2008

Mr. Edwards

Tell me he doesn't look just like him?

We're struggling with all the fabulous contest entries. I like them all. It's too hard to decide. It may have to come down to eny, meany miny, mo.


Milah said...

Have you seen a doctor about this Christine? I mean.....well....
you you think any of your other chickens look like movie stars? Perhaps its the eggnog. Which recipe did you try?

Milah said... are not crazy! They both have the same beak and stern brow. Of course, I came to that conclusion after my third eggnog. How many did it take you before you saw the resemblance?

Jayne said...

Bwah ha ha ha!!! Once again, I am almost screaming with laughter! (By the way, last night when we were channel-surfing at work we came across "Little House" and I started giggling uncontrollably.)

Carol said...

Milah is hitting the eggnog early. I guess I will have an extra glass (or maybe 2 or 3) of wine tonight with dinner and see if I can see the resemblance. As of right now, being sober, I don't see it.

Howeverrrrrrrr, I will admit to seeing a little Brad Pitt in Bob.

Carol said...

No, you see I was perfectly sober last night and posted all wrong anyway. It wasn't Milah hitting the eggnog it was Christine.

I looked again after dinner and still didn't see the resemblance. But he is a masculine looking guy.