Friday, February 27, 2009

Join The Club

It goes against all my motherly instincts. Even though they're wearing masks it still seems like someone could put an eye out. Yet we all spent the evening last night checking out the boys and girls club where the Indianapolis Fencing Club meets regularly. The kid has graduated from the beginner class he was taking through our homeschool group and wants to continue on to the intermediate level at the club.

Last night was open fencing night. No formal class, just members getting together to practice. We quickly assessed that if they had their name and country on their attire that probably meant they knew what they were doing. I mean why would you need your country noted if you were just doing this as a hobby? Once they got going it was clear we were correct in our assumptions. I would not want to meet any of these folks in a dark alley with a sharp stick.

But as it turns out, while they're quite skilled at their weapons, they're some of the nicest people you'll meet. They were more than happy to talk with us about what the club is all about and fencing in general. Most of them were in it for the exercise and claim it's a great stress reliever. They even suggested that the engineer should start taking classes too. I think that's a fabulous idea. Don't you?


Milah said...

Why don't you join Christine?

That sword would come in real handy for cooking chickens on a rotisserie.;D

I've got some great Bar-B-Q sauce!

Christine said...

I'm not particularly known for my grace and agility so I'm not allowed to play with sharp pointy things. lol

Winona said...

My mama's heart would be in my throat. Our boys were always using sticks and playing like they had swords. Must be a boy thing. Our girls couldn't have cared less. LOL Glad you all had fun. Winona

Terri said...

Sharp pointy sticks, huh? They could be pretty useful around here right now!

andrea said...

I loved fencing in high school -really wish I'd had more chances to do it :)
lots of happy memories reading your post - thanks!

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