Friday, March 20, 2009

As The Coop Turns

Scenes from last week...Big Bertha Brahma was at the spa getting a beauty treatment after being assaulted. Betty Lou was in the hospital recovering from her eating disorder. Beth had disappeared into thin air and babies were being made in the laboratory.

This week's episode begins with poor Betty Lou, God rest her soul. While in the hospital she picked up one of those secondary infections and her compromised immune system was unable to handle the strain. She was laid to rest in the barn lot near the old broiler coop.

Big Bertha Brahma recovered amazingly well and her feathers started growing back in. She returned to the coop refreshed and delighted to see all her old friends. Three hours later she was removed and returned to the spa even more bald than the first time. It seems the small pin feathers hadn't grown in enough to avoid notice.

Another week at the spa and she once again returned home. She was looking forward to getting back to work scratching for bugs. A short while later the security guard checked in on her and was horrified to find a blood soaked perch inside the coop. The guard quickly scanned the crowd and noticed Bertha's feathers bleeding. She was lucky it was just the feather and not her flesh. This time the guard called the police and filed a complaint.

The crime scene investigators were unable to find any DNA evidence left behind by the culprit. So the detectives were forced to stake out the crime scene for repeat offenders. They quickly nailed Pecking Polly and threw her into solitary confinement.

While being observed for mental defects the psychologist noted that she was behaving rather oddly. Not getting up and moving around, nary a wood shaving out of place in the cell. A second opinion confirmed that Pecking Polly was broody and was indeed trying to hatch a golf ball. Since her fate had not yet been determined, the Judge ruled that she could serve the community well by staying in her cell and hatching some real eggs.

She's taking her restitution job very, very seriously.

Interviewer: Do you have anything to say for yourself Polly?

Polly: "Step away from the nest and nobody gets hurt."

Stay tuned for the next episode of As The Coop Turns when Beth is spotted sunbathing...


bennie and patsy said...

Can't wait for next episode of As The Coop Turns.LOL

Terri said...

Hehehe. Good job, rehabilitating that dangerous criminal!

Carol said...

Poor Bertha, just when things are looking good for her it happens again.

BTW have you heard from Bob?

Milah said...

That is hilarious! I can't wait to hear what happens next.

Jayne said...

You are so funny!! Sorry about Betty Lou.

Sandy said...

I'm so sorry about Betty Lou. You are a very good writer!