Sunday, March 15, 2009

Meeting With the Tin Man

This month's blacksmith association meeting was not held at their usual time and place. Instead they met at restaurant called The Front Porch where they tell me you can get a pile of eggs, biscuits and gravy that even The Engineer can't put away for a measly $4.95. Sounds like my kind of place doesn't it? I don't usually go. I don't want to cramp the men's style. But if they're going to continue to eat the way they do I think I'm just going to have to attend more often. Why should I be the only one with cramps?

After polishing off what they could of the hearty breakfast they all headed out for the home of The Tin Man. He had everything well prepared and planned out for the guys to learn the art of Tinsmithing.
I can't fill you in on all the details because I wasn't there. But based on the pictures The Engineer took, I'd say it looks like you need to mark your pattern first.

Then use some kind of thingy to punch the holes...

It takes a lot of concentration to get all the way around.

Don't they all look focused?

When cutting the metal it helps to screw up your mouth like this...

Then there's some bending and pounding and heaven only knows what they're talking about. They are a bunch of men after all.

And eventually you end up with something like this.

Complete with a handle to bring it home to your proud momma.


Terri said...

Beautiful! It's a masterpiece!

Milah said...

Oh wow! That's nice!

I should have homeschooled - my son made macaroni necklaces for

StitchinByTheLake said...

I sure wish I could get my husband interested in doing that. I'd love to have several pieces! blessings, marlene

Renee said...

The boy did great!

BTW - we miss you guys so much.

Anonymous said...

Way to go young man it's beautiful,I could use one of those, it would look real good on the Icebox below the Tin Lantern your Grandmother gave me years ago.
Your Mom could bring her camera & get a picture & you could make a pattern.
Love ya,
Just Me

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

I enjoy following your blog. (I drop into BYC from time to time.) Your son and mine look like they would be soulmates. If you are ever up in the Noblesville/Fishers area, stop in to Conner Prairie (the living history museum). My son volunteers there as a youth interpreter. There are blacksmith and carpentry shops on the grounds in the historic 1836 village.