Friday, March 27, 2009

As the Coop Turns - Chicken Gossip

Sammie: Did you hear the news?

Beth: No, what news?

Sammie: I heard that old Blackbeard is shooting blanks.

Beth: *GASP* Oooh really?

(panning the camera to the other side of the barnlot)

Bertha: Yeah, I heard the humans had to throw almost all his eggs out. They're no good.

Bessie: Well now ain't that somthin'!

Bertha: Yep, seems all that fancy dancing and prancing he does is all for show.

Bessie: Oh my!

Little did they know Blackbeard was eavesdropping...


Terri said...

Oh, no!!! Whatever will they do next???? :)

Jayne said...

You just crack me up every time you write about the chickens!!

Winona said...

I love your imagination. The funny thing is, it really does look like your chickens are saying this. So I guess you 'talk' chicken, right? LOL I love seeing pictures of your flock. Winona