Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chick Watch 2009

It's time. Time to turn the egg turner off. Time to press my ear to the incubator and listen for peeps. Time to pace back and forth wringing my hands. Time to get the brooder ready. They'll be hatching any day now.

We are down to two of Blackbeard and the Wench's eggs. I don't know which because I can't tell their eggs apart. Four of Jack and Sweet Pea's. And six of Jack and Precious. Unless Pearl or Minni happened to sneak one in there disguised as Precious. If we hatch one with feathered feet, we'll know it was one of theirs.

Then there is the lean, mean egg hatching machine on the back porch. Polly is still working hard at hatching her little clutch of eggs. She refused to get off the nest long enough for me to candle them. I tried once to scoot her out of the way and she nearly ripped my arm off. Did you know chickens can growl? I hope she's actually sitting on something that's fertilized.


Kathie said...

I hope you will share pictures of the little chicks!
How cute they must be to watch grow
lucky you...
ps when you comment on my blog it is a no reply blogger so I can't answer you.
I would love to see your log cabin quilt once you start it...

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh my, I can see you pacing now! blessings, marlene

Suzette said...

I'm so intrigued as to how you know which matings produced which eggs. Interesting! Can't wait to see the babies!

Milah said...

Thanks Christine, I now have a song stuck in my head (or I should say, part of a song) after reading the first paragraph of this post.

Carly Simon's ~ Anticipation

Is making me late
Is keeping me wa-a-ai-ting.

Okay, it's the waiting part, not the rest of the song cause that would be weird.

I'll be checking back in on you, good luck!

Sandy said...

Did she really growl?

Jayne said...

Little chicks are so cute! I have the same question as Suzette: how do you know which, uh, couples, produced the eggs? I can't wait to see pictures--of the chicks, I mean, not the photographic proof of the couples.

Christine said...

Yes Sandy, she really did growl!

And for those curious, no I didn't stake out the coop watching them do the wild thing, taking adult chicken movies. They just all lay different colored eggs so it's easy to tell who's who.

Carol said...

Baby chicks are just so darned cute. Can't wait to see them.