Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All Work and No Play

Pearl has another baby under her. A cute little black one. She wouldn't let me take a picture of it though. She has them both safely tucked under her wing and at least nine more eggs under her. In other chicken news, Sammie has a bum foot again. We had to do some rearranging and bring her back into a cage on the back porch. Every day the kid holds her in his lap on a dish towel while I doctor her foot. Yesterday she seemed a little irritated with the process but I didn't think much of it. That is until an egg came rolling down the towel! No wonder she was cranky. She was, like, giving birth for crying out loud. Needless to say the kid was just a little surprised to have a chicken lay an egg in his lap.

Between all the baby chicks and all the working outside my house is a disaster area. I've not had a lot of time to play in Sheville either. But I did manage to finish piecing the spools quilt top. I totally have my priorities straight. Truly I do.


bennie and patsy said...

I sure like your spool quilt.The quilt looks great in sheville.I can only hang 1/2 of my qulit as I work on it.
Happy eggs and chicks

Terri said...

Of course you do! :) Love the quilt!

Milah said...

Lovin' the quilt! I need to either put my quilting away or get back at it......;D

Jayne said...

Haha! She laid an egg in his lap--hilarious! I really like that quilt.

Jen said...

I love your spools! Sheville makes me giggle every time I read it.