Friday, September 18, 2009

Golden Girls Get Spa Treatment

Just like dogs and cats, sheep need to get their nails trimmed occasionally. It prevents them from getting gunk stuck in their hoof which could then cause hoof rot and other issues. It doesn't hurt them at all and is no different than clipping your toenails.

While we were driving home from picking the sheep up from Theresa's house this spring I decided they should be called The Golden Girls. We had only know them for a few minutes and really had no time to base their names on their personalities, but somehow I nailed it. They couldn't be any more suited to their names if we'd known them for years.

Blanche was first in line for her spa treatment this morning. And in fact was a little disappointed to find out they weren't also getting facials. You see Blanche is the girly, girl in the group. She loves fashion and makeup. She wears weeds like a broach and minerals like rouge every day. She also loves to gossip.

Then there's Rose. Sweet, innocent Rose. Rose has been halter trained but she forgets. In fact Rose forgets everything every day. She kinda lives her own version of 50 First Dates.

Rose: "I don't want to die! Please don't lead me to slaughter!"

You're not going to slaughter, Rose. You're just getting a manicure.

Rose: "But I don't' know what a manicure is. Please don't make me. It must be something awful. I don't want a manicure."

Oh for crying out loud, you're just getting your nails done, Rose.

Rose: "Oh hey, this is kinda nice. It's so pretty from up here"


There are no pictures of Dorothy getting her pedicure. Dorothy is a character. Dorothy is also the Engineer's favorite. Dorothy doesn't have any pictures because she was getting a personal massage and being spoiled rotten by the Engineer while I was trimming her nails.

Sophia is the older, wiser gal in the group. She's no dummy. She avoided the halter quite well once she figured out what was going down. But she loves attention and it only took a few minutes of petting to convince her to go ahead and get this over with.

See girls, that wasn't so bad after all was it?

*silence, crickets chirping*


No animals were harmed in the production of this post. And in fact all received animal crackers and belly scratches for their good behavior. Er, well, Rose got one, too.


Lil said...

I swear as I was reading this, I heard Rose's comments in Betty White's voice! I loved that show and your naming your sheep after them is hilarious to me. :-)

Milah said...

Poor Rose, I bet she nearly had a stroke thinking you were leading her to slaughter.

Kathie said...

always fun to read your posts and love seeing pictures of the animals ;)

Nancy K. said...

"The Golden Girls"
How perfect can that be?

I LOVE it!!

LDWatkins said...

What a fun post! My kids were in 4-H and showed their sheep which meant I 'helped' groom them...ah...the brushing and fluffing, etc. Great memories!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Too funny!

Sandy said...

What a wonderful post. Love the pictures. The Golden Girls -- perfect!