Monday, September 28, 2009

Porch Chickens

Remember Bumblefoot Beth? The worlds most expensive chicken? The one the vet tried to build a little cast for?

Well she's been living on the back porch again for the past few weeks. She and her sister, Sammie. They seem to have a recurring case of bumblefoot. This is at least the third time we've had them inside. Sammie is healed up again and was just released back into the chicken run.

Beth still has a little bit of healing left to do. I will say having them on the back porch certainly makes egg gathering convenient. Although the announcement of the egg's arrival can get a little loud at times.

I'm starting to think they are somehow causing the bumblefoot on purpose in order to come in and get special treats and foot rubs. She makes the softest, sweetest cooing noises when she's getting her feet wrapped. I think I'm actually going to miss her when she goes back outside. Maybe we could just keep her as a porch chicken?


Julie-Ann said...

Did you see Extreme Home Makeover last night? I usually don't watch it, but it was a family from Superior, WI (way up north). Besides their house, this family had their run down old chicken coop remade. It was a hoot. They had people holding the chickens with a cart in front of the coop. The crowd was yelling, "MOVE THAT CART!" The camera kept focusing on the expressions of the chickens. It was so funny. Of course, the chickens loved their new coop! Even started laying eggs right away! The house was nice, too!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I miss my porch lambs...

Angela said...

My sister had a porch goat. I am thinking a chicken would be fine.

Dolly said...

Aw Poor Beth......
she may be the smart one here! Special attention....hmmmm.....yep I think she likes being a porch chicken!

I have 2 barred rocks...Lola and Layla.

I love to come and read your chicken adventures!