Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

I know what you're thinking.

You took one look at that picture and thought something went horribly wrong. I'll admit that it would be a safe assumption. But sometimes, things have to get worse before they can get better. 

Some of you will recall that a large tree fell on the barn a few years ago. It damaged the east-facing part of the roof. And a large chunk of the tree has remained up there ever since. There were about seven or eight more trees poised to fall on the roof. Some literally were growing within inches of the barn. The new goat fence needs to go right through there and before we spend one red cent repairing the roof, those trees had to go. Just to the right of the barn above is a steep ravine. You can't get fancy tree trimming equipment back there. So there was no choice but to just start whacking trees down by hand. Granted, this one leaned a little further to the left than was planned, but it wasn't the catastrophe one might expect. It's actually just caught on a branch and more or less leaning on the barn.

So it seemed reasonable to cut the offending branch and then it will roll down and off...

unless, of course, it hits another snag. This is when it smooshed the already smooshed roof a little more.

And it was at this point that I had 9-1-1 dialed with my finger on the send button.

But it worked, and we were back to square one with that old tree still up there. The old metal roof is about as thick as tinfoil at this stage. The tree will have to stay there and be strategicly removed during the roofing project.

We were then just left with a whole lot of firewood and one heck of a mess to clean up.

After two days of back-breaking work it looks like this. Still lots more to do, but it seems we haven't exercised enough over the winter and our bodies are protesting. But considering what it started out like, we're pleased with the progress.



The two large, overhanging branches in the top left corner will be taken down by the pros and their fancy equipment someday when the ground dries out enough for them to drive back there. With all the snow we've had, that won't be any time soon.


Terri said...

Glad everyone is safe - that looks pretty scary! Hopefully you'll be able to get the others out without damage to life, limb or property!

Angela said...

yaya for firewood! And no injuries. Both very good things!

Milah said...

That's a lot of work!
I know what you mean when you said you had 9-1-1 dialed and was ready to hit send. I can't count how many times I've done that! Problem is, I've had to hit send a few times... but I won't go into that now. Glad things worked out for you, it sure looks lots better.

Kim said...

A very good days work indeed! I can well imagine your sore muscles protesting. You can stand proudly back and survey your achievements.... but as we know, now there is just the next job to do! Well done anyway!

Callie said...

Love your barn!
Trees can be scary! Glad you have that danger cleared away and except for aches and pains you are all ok. We had a tree hit our garage a while back. Not fun.

Windy Meadows Farm said...

Love what I'm reading and the photos glad to have stumbled across your blog! I'll be back to visit.

Penny said...

Good job!
It's a twofer. Trees no longer putting the barn at risk and now you have a head start on next year's firewood.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'd have been scared to death! But I bet my husband would have loved to have that firewood. :) blessings, marlene

John Gray said...

what a lovely old barn....I would kill to own one like that ( without the trees of course)

corinne said...

What a great barn! Whenever I am working on ANY project my husband has 911 on speed dial.