Monday, August 2, 2010

The End is Here!

No, not that end. Put those bug-out-bags down.

The end of the semester! The end of the insane amount of reading and writing that I subjected myself to this summer. The end of academic h-e double hockey sticks. I’m FREE!

FREE! FREE! FREE! (Picture me running amok throwing papers in the air, while the cat stares, only slightly amused.)

Only problem is, all that stuff I had to set aside in order to study—yeah, it’s still here. Piles of laundry, dust bunnies the size of gophers, weeds in the flower beds taller than me. Doctors appointments. And the garden. Oh, yes, the garden.

Last time we talked it looked like this. Nice and tidy, remember?


Ahem. Things kind of got out of hand…


I’m canning and freezing and dehydrating like a mad woman. Cucumbers, green beans, green peppers and three different kinds of tomatoes. Right now I’m making salsa and figured since my kitchen looks like a bomb went off anyway I might as can up some chicken stock while I’m at it.  It’s boiling away on the back burner.

So that light at the end of the tunnel, that goal of sitting on my arse on a lazy summer day at the end of the semester. Not. Going. To happen.

It smells good here though.



Anne said...

I love seeing your garden look like that -- it makes me feel better about mine! All the wonderful plants that seem like a great idea in the spring make me think I'm crazy at harvest time. . . then make me happy again in the winter when we get to eat all the great stuff we put up. A somewhat-untidy garden is a happy garden!

Karen Anne said...

That's what I tell people when I explain I'm working on my house myself, "sorry it looks like a bomb went off in here" :-)

Jabacue said...

Wow, you're going to have quite the harvest! Don't you love it when they look after themselves.

Kristine said...

Actually I'm somewhat envious of your garden. We only managed to get potatoes planted this year and something came in and ATE THEM. *sighs* I guess its back to the drawing board since its too late in the season to try something else.

I also got a good laugh at how different a few months can make in a garden. ;)

sue said...

Very, very cool garden. I'm a bit jealous, I planted 34 tomato plants and so far, have gotten exactly one tomato. It might have something to do with Michigan weather. I'm sure that when it starts, I will wish for frost... your garden is beautiful.

Callie said...

Wow! That is a happy garden. I bet it does smell great in your kitchen. All that work will pay off this winter when you open those jars. Try and work a pit stop in somewhere and get some rest.

The Chicken Keepers said...

I bet it smells good at your house... with all the canning you are doing! Smells good here too!

The Chicken Keepers

Mom L said...

And when you're done - everything will taste good, too!!

Nancy in Iowa

Lisa@End of the Lane said...

Hi Christine!
Oh My! I can understand your feelings exactly! I just finished a really rough final semester that I thought would never end. English Comp II was a nightmare from the same place you have been! At least you have managed to blog throughout the semester, I went into shock at the beginning of the year and decided I needed to save all my words for essays....!!!
And haha to I'm FREE! I have been singing my burdens are lifted my shackles are free!!!
Anyway-it is nice to find a kindred spirit, both farm wise and academia (does that sound like an ailment?)wise! Love you critters and your posts!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Your garden looks AWESOME!!!