Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear Brother,

I got your message on Facebook.

“Though I remember what happened the last time I said this, Cathy is also saying it are behind on your blog. Something other than tomatoes has to have happened out there. :-)”

I know that you sat there writing me this note in your maintenance-free condo with refrigerator contents that no doubt consist of a few condiments and maybe a slice or two of cheese. I also know by the consistency of your posts on Facebook that you’ve eaten out almost every night this month.

Our lives? They are not parallel.

You see, I’ve been a busy little squirrel packing away nuts for the winter. You? You have no nuts because you’ve been too busy playing. I can’t recall how the parable ends exactly, but I think you starve.

You will also recall from our youth, Mom saying, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.”


Do you really want to mess with her? I think not. I shall remain silent on my blog until such point I have something good to say. With the way things have been going lately, it might be awhile. Perhaps you could gather a few nuts while you wait. :)



Historical Ken said...

Although I do little farming, I get the same kind of comments - mainly from "friends" - for my reenacting.
Family, although they think I'm an odd sort, has grown to accept my family and I.
Just so you know, you (and others like Paris Graham) are living the life many of us dream of.

Karen Anne said...

Do you want to reconsider the wording of paragraph five? Just asking.

Christine said...

LOL, what do you think needs changed Karen Anne? :)

Erik said...

I have enough nuts in this family. However, she was pretty much spot on for my refrigerator. However, in response to paragraph #5, "Pot meet kettle". Ha!

Rayna said...

LMAO! I needed that... You rock :D

Historical Ken said...

Look me up on facebook Christine - Ken Giorlando

~Tonia said...


Karen Anne said...

I am unable to answer that without sounding like I live in the gutter :-)

NV said...

TOO very funny. Nothing beats a good double entendre. :-)