Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stocking the Larder

I’m still in the kitchen making a mess. In the mean time I wanted to share this link with you. If looking at these old photos doesn’t make you appreciate modern conveniences, I don’t know what will.

In Grandmother's Day

While browsing that website I happened along a collection of photos that, lo and behold,  was of my uncle’s family. He is the baby on the father’s lap in the last photo of this series.

Depression Era in Indiana

Some days, when we’re working hard and feeling sorry for ourselves, we need to stop and remember—it could be worse.

Happy harvesting!



Jabacue said...

I'm sure they would have liked some of our inventions to help them. But on the other hand, they took it in stride and didn't have as many distractions as we do today.

~Tonia said...

SOmeone put it this way... Our grt-Grandmas may have chopped wood fixed supper and all that BUT they didnt have a cellphone in their pocket and emails.. They were home for days-weeks at a time.. But I sure would miss my mixer, food processors and A/C!Lol But I may also not be carrying around a little extra weight!Lol
But the website was neat to look at!

The Barn Door said...

Thanks for posting those pics! Sure helps put it all in perspective doesn't it. I 'love' the idea that those were the 'simpler days', but I'm not so sure that was true!!

Windy Meadows Farm said...

I often wonder if we could do it...how did they?! And I thought yesterday's canning made for a busy day...at least I wasn't in a long dress canning over the heat of a wood burning stove!

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

simple days frighten some modern people!!!