Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fishers Renaissance Faire

I’d never been before. It’s not really my time period. I’m more of a Civil War gal myself, but the kid has wanted to go for a long time so we spent Sunday afternoon at the Renaissance Faire. While I enjoyed the spinning and wool dying demonstrations, the guys were entertained with some good, old-fashioned mortal combat.


Nothing like the bashing of metal to get the blood going. The kid was even recruited into their militia and trained to fight off jousters.


Which was good information to know because we just so happened to run into a few of those guys later in the day. 


The faire was interesting. Again, not really my time period, and I would rather attend a more authentic reenactment. Ye Old Pretzels served heated in Ye Old Microwave didn’t really give me the feeling that I had stepped back in time. And I still don’t understand why there were pirates and fairies there, but still a pleasant afternoon was had by all.


In the end, as we were preparing to leave, it occurred to me that the faire is really just the medieval version of Gencon or Comicon. No harm in that I suppose.christinesig


kristi said...

Okay, I admit I might consider a knight on horse back for a date! Hey, I love the redhead post...can't wait to see your new additions LOL. Its good to have a variety of sheep!

Historical Ken said...

I went to the Michigan RenFest last month. We also had fairies, pirates, um...Shrek and even Gandalf! It's actually more "Lord of the Rings Fantasy World" than Renaissance. Nothing - not even the jousting - was accurate. I am so glad that for those of us that do Civil War living history/reenacting at least try to be much more authentic...except lately we've been getting steam punk kids coming to our CW events. I wish they would go to the Renfest where they belong instead!

Anonymous said...

For the information of those who don't know, fairies and other fantasticals are included in Ren Faire because the belief in fairykind was common among the lower, less educated classes. Fae were blamed and praised for all kinds of luck, good or bad. In the higher classes, this force is called god and one uses a church instead of the woods to commune. I will admit that some "Play-trons" come dressed in anyway they can, but as a Rennie, I know my group strives for historical accuracy with no small amount of humor mixed in.

Christine said...


I don't know if you're part of SCA or not, but I thought they did a fantastic job with their section of the event. Their display of mideval arts and crafts were impressive. It was more the vendors at the event that had me raising an eyebrow.