Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meanwhile Back at the Barn

Remember back in March when I told you we would be getting a new barn roof soon? I was optimistic we would run right out and find someone willing and able to do the work.


Eight months and countless phone calls and quotes later we finally found an Amish construction crew that not only understood why we wanted an old-style roof and knew how to do it, but didn’t want to charge a million dollars for the work.  Everyone else thought we should tear it down and build a new metal pole barn. Because, of course, everybody’s doing it.

Anyhoo, the crew was able to fix up the dents and dings the tree created in the rafters and proceeded to put the new roof on as if they’d done this all a million times before. I suspect they had. It was almost picturesque watching them work in their Amish garb. Then I spotted the crew leader talking to his boss on a cell phone and the warm fuzzy feeling went away. I had no idea they could do that. I wonder if they use them while they’re driving their buggies?


But I have to say they did a bang up job and managed to get a new roof on in less than two days.


It even has skylights for the golden girls since they’re afraid of the dark. (insert rolling eyes)


“Hey, there are bats in there. You’d be afraid too” said Rose.




~Tonia said...

WOW!! Looks great! Love the Skylights!

corinne said...

YAY! Congrats on finally getting it done! I am so glad you didn't build a new barn-this one has character : ).

Florida Farm Girl said...

Way to go, insisting on replacing that roof instead of tearing down the barn. Old barns have character and grace that a metal pole barn will never match in a million years!!!

Chai Chai said...

How wonderful! The keep an older barn with character instead of building a "new" metal building is a decision I think you will never regret.

The Amish are known craftsmen and the skylights are great.

Lisa said...

I really enjoyed my first visit to your site. I will definatly be back. Have a great week.

Lisa said...

I am so glad that you were able to save the barn and that you found good carpenters. It can be such a difficult thing as you well know. It looks wonderful. I have enjoyed visiting your site. Have a great week. Lisa

Dolly said...

When we were redoing our old barn every contractor that came out suggested tearing it down and building a new pole barn!
It broke my heart to take down a part of our history!
We also found an amish crew to come and restore her to her former glory!

In some amish communities if they own a business they can have a land line, but all can use a cell phone but cannot own one!

The barn looks great!

Hugz, Dolly

Nancy K. said...

You'll love the skylights. I have them in my barn and they are wonderful.

How's the "farm wife" job going??? Have you started yet?

The Barn Door said...

LOVE the skylights!! So glad you were able to save the old barn.

Anonymous said...

love the barn so glad you are back writing again I love your writing and all of your animals. Please keep the blog going. nancy settel

Tammy said...

Wonderful job! It looks stunning. I'm so glad you found someone to do the work. Around here we have lots of Mennonites (Similar to Amish)and what they can do is dependent on what group they are from. Some are very 'modern'--drive cars/trucks (black), have cell phones but can't watch t.v. Others are still horse and buggies. But they generally do know how to work hard and get the job done well and quick.

Anonymous said...

Barn looks beautiful! Regarding the Amish - sometimes the "Englisch" (non-Amish) work with them/for them to learn the trade, an apprenticeship, as it were. Maybe it was a non-Amish person talking on the phone to the boss ;-) Still woulda been cool to see them working!

Taryn said...

Thanks for not shattering all our illusions by posting a photo of the amish guys on the cell.

Meg said...

Is there any way you could share the crew's number? I am tryign to get a new barn built in Johnson County and am havin g lots of trouble with people not following up etc.

Christine said...

Hi Meg,

The company is called Amish Crew Construction. The general contractor is Chris Betzner. Phone number 765-327-1020.