Friday, November 19, 2010

Okay Knitters, Help Me Out Here

What is this woman wearing and where might I find a pattern for it? I have spent three days searching Ravelry and have found something similar but still not quite right.

DSC_6475 christinesig


Wendy said...

I'm not sure about anything "knitty" Christine, but here's a website you should know about if you don't already. Costume patterns for re-enacters and such.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Christine.

According to my great grandmother's, "Columbia Book of Yarns," it is a "Ladies' Crossover." There are two pattern variations, one with ruffled edges, one without. It seems to be sort of a shawl connected to a cumberbund, if that makes any sense.

I did a search for "crossover" in Ravelry, but didn't find anything similar to the old Columbia pattern.

If you'd like, I could scan the patterns. I'm Illini on HT. Just PM me.

Theresa said...

Hi Christine,

The Spin-Off Spring 2008 issue has the danish tie shawl that is very similar. Funny, as I just saw this same shawl that you have pictured on "Little Dorritt" last night (a BBC Dicken's movie).

Go to this site for pics of the Danish tie shawl:

I assume, since I can't find a pattern for this picture/the Dickens movie one that it is probably more like a long scarf with ties on the end.

Come on down when you feel better.


Kim said...

YOu would think that something like that wouldn't be so hard to find. If you get desperate and have pictures of the "shawl" form all angles, I could probably help you come up with a pettern.... I wonder if Meg Swansen (Schoolhouse Press) would have some suggestions?

Bonnie Jo said...

Was this photo taken at Conner Prairie? The interpreters who work there are required to make their own clothing according to period patterns. My son used to work there and I can provide you with the email address of the Clothing Department if you are interested. We had to purchase our fabric and patterns from the Conner Prairie clothing department and then we had to "pass inspection" before my son could work on the grounds. They are very strict about what is allowed to be worn. You could probably even locate the "actress" and you can ask her about the shawl!

a simple quilter said...

Search "Godey's Lady Book" These are actual patterns from the mid to late 1800s. Your state historical society might have original copies in their holdings.

a simple quilter said...

Couldn't help but snoop around a bit after I left a comment. The item you're looking for may be called a Sontag.

Go here:

Cristina said...

I do civil war re-enacting, and we call these "bosom buddies". They are basically a vest that is not attached at the sides. Also the front panels are longer so you can cross them and wrap them around.

Miss Effie said...

Christine... would this work??

Christine said...

Miss Effie, that is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. Awesome, thanks!

John Gray said...

I love that room's simple style
quite wonderfull

Heritage Farm Village said...

hi there, cannot help you but seems like you found your answer so that is great. love your blog! love the framed would fit in at our farm village. jill