Friday, September 16, 2011

The Covered Wagons are Loaded

The kid and I are bugging out to Old Settlers Days in Salem, Indiana for the weekend. Other than the food and clothing, we’re packed and ready to go. There’s barely enough room left for us. I think I might need a bigger covered wagon.


(Yes, that is a vintage army cot and modern sleeping bags. It’s going to be in the 40’s at night. I draw the line in authenticity at freezing to death. We’ll just cover them with civil war era quilts so no one can see them.)

Which reminds me that I forgot to show you my finished quilt. Uh, it is crammed in there somewhere. I’ll have to wait to get a shot of it once we get our camp set up.


I’ll be working on hand piecing another quilt while I’m there.


One of the gals in my quilt guild started working on the Civil War Tribute block of the month pattern. She finished six months worth of blocks, by hand even, then threw in the towel and donated the kit to our annual auction.

I nearly had to break a woman’s arm to get her to stop bidding against me.

Hey, no judging. It belonged to ME. When the flag barer goes down in the battlefield, men fight for the honor of carrying it on. I saw a quilter going down. I had to do something.

I totally get why she chose to pass the torch, though. Month seven is a humdinger of a block set. It was time to bring in the reinforcements. It will take me a while to finish this one (it’s humungous). I figured the Civil War spanned four years and my progress on this quilt will do the same.



Karen Anne said...

I've got a washtub like that in my garage. I wonder how old it is. I have the dim and perhaps erroneous memory of us kids taking baths in it back when there was no bathtub or shower in the house. That would have been back in the 1940s.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Looky there! I got your post a comment link to work for me! I love the washtub - I have yet to find one that big in any of our barns and I'm on the verge of going antiquing. I want a pic of all my kids sitting in one (if I can manage it) terribly bad. I LOVE the quilt! Someone may have been forced to back down at bayonet-point for that one! Haha. If only we were closer to Salem, I'd so drag the boys there! They loved Pioneer Days last fall and Civil War Days last spring!

Christine said...

Late 1800's, Karen Anne. Not exactly Civil War but as close as I can get. I've found a few originals and reproductions of the originals but they're all priced WAY out of my range.

The Barn Door said...

Christine....Oh I hope you have fun! I love Salem, but then, my relatives, the Lockharts, Schull's and DePauws,were from there during the Civil War and pretty much settled a lot of the town. The DePauw's started DePauw University. Will look forward to seeing your pictures!
Karen & the Hounds

clairz said...

This is wonderful. Will pictures be taken that you can post? I can imagine that it would be hard for you to take them yourself and still stay in character, but there must be a way.

The quilt looks wonderful. Congratulations to you for taking it on!

Milah said...

Have fun, Christine, and stay warm.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Have a great weekend!

Karen Patrick said...

At least you won't sweat to death as you would have if it had been held last month.

Me and My Stitches said...

I made the Civil War Tribute last year - there are a few doozies in there - I had to call in reinforcements for the set-it seam blocks. Love the family! Have a great time this weekend.

melanie said...

Wowza That is one BEAUTIFUL quilt. Is the pattern named for the Civil War, or is the vintage fabric used in that quilt the reason for its name?

I can see why you had to have it...and just think, after only 5 months of intricacy (vs. 12), you will have the whole quilt to show off!

Are kits like that typically hand sewn? That woman must have been pretty ambitious when she started that one...How big is the finished size?

Christine said...

Hi Melanie,

It is either queen or king, I can't recall off the top of my head. Big. That I remember.

The quilt kit came as a block of the month. Each month there would be a Civil War battle along with the block pattern. The whole thing commemorating the major battles of the war.

I thought it was pretty impressive that she tackled this by hand. Not everyone would. However, I find on the more complex quilts it is easier to hand piece them to get the points to match up.