Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Llama School

I decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and work with Thelma and Louise in the round pen today. I wanted to try the Mallon Method to see how the girls would respond to it. Either it works like charm or Thelma is the world’s smartest llama. In twenty minutes we went from her not really wanting to be touched at all to me scratching her ears and her wearing a pack. No lie. Of course it helps that she’s a total sweetheart.


Louise on the other hand has already informed me it won’t be quite so simple with her.


“I’ve got all the street smarts I need, lady. I don’t need no schoolin’ and I ain’t carryin’ no stinkin’ pack.”

“Well then, Louise, how about we just work on halter training and toe nail trimming?”


“I don’t trust you. You have beady eyes.”

I’m thinking it might be more like 20 hours rather than 20 minutes with Louise.



Anonymous said...

She's a lady with a mind of her own obviously. LOL

Michelle said...

I have no idea what the Mallon method is, but I get the Mallon adjustable alpaca halters from, and they are GREAT! (-;

Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

Those babies are so cute I could look at them all day. They are really expressive in the eyes and mouth. Like a prissy school teacher I had.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahha! lol

AutumnSkyRanch said...

They are such ladies with such opinions.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Too funny. Nice shots!

Gone Country said...

Those two are adorable! Good luck on the twenty hours with Louise! At least Thelma gave you a break!

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Packs? We don't need no stinkin' packs! LOL