Friday, September 9, 2011

Who is Training Who Here?

I just want to touch you, Louise.  Why won’t you let me touch you? 


You watched me with Thelma. I didn’t hurt her. She even likes it when I scratch behind her ears.


I’m getting tired of running in circles in the round pen and, frankly, getting a little dizzy in the process.


Wait a minute. You’re doing that on purpose aren’t you?

Wipe that smirk off your face. I’m not giving up that easily.



Danni said...

Oh, goodness, I love your llama girl's expressions! They are really quite something! So, you may be doing this ready, but if not: have you tried haltering Louise before you let her out in the round pen? This will help you significantly in reducing the "running in circles". Many (most?) llamas won't choose to be touched, but once contained or limited by a lead, will stand quietly and let you begin your training. That's not to say they're gonna like it, though :-). They still may twist and shiver and bend their necks at crazy angles to keep you from stroking them, but, hey, it's a start.
I've come a LONG way with Kai but it has been almost 2 years of baby steps.

Danni said...

Oops- put the apostrophe in the wrong place. Meant llama girls' expressions - as in both girls! :-)

Christine said...

And therein lies the problem, Danni. She doesn't halter well. I am trying to use John Mallon's methods to gentle her to my approach. Thelma took right to it. Louise, not so much. She's an odd duck. Follows me around and stands within inches of the back of my head but the minute I turn around she's out of arms reach. If only I were trying to teach her to "heel" I'd look like an expert. lol

Danni said...

Well, so this isn't a bad thing. She's very clearly interested in you and curious about what you're doing. She's also trying to set the ground rules that you shouldn't touch her, ha ha.
I don't know of the training methods you speak of, but I do know how to halter a llama who prefers not to be touched by disgusting human hands, so let me know if you want some tips. lol

Christine said...

Oh she doesn't miss anything. It's like she has eyes in the back of her head. Wonderful trait for a guard llama but makes working with her a tad difficult. Any advice would be much appreciated! I'm going to have to trim her nails sooner or later.

The Barn Door said...

She's got your number Christine!!! Don't give up!!

Karen Anne said...

Does she like cookies...

Nancy K. said...

I'm assuming that this post title is a rhetorical question???


Have a great weekend!

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