Sunday, September 23, 2007

Build Your Own Antique

Love antiques but don't have $3,000 to spend on one piece of furniture? Armed with a little bit of scrap lumber and a healthy dose of elbow grease yes, even you can build your own antique. Okay, it helps to have a live in handy man. This chimney cupboard started out as some MDF, part of a sheet of plywood and a little bit of pine. The distressing is the key. Basically we just beat the heck out of it in all the right places. And M hand planed the raised panel doors to add a little more authenticity.

We even added a few extra dings as we moved the piece inside. :)

Then I followed a finishing process that goes something like this: sand, stain, sand, paint, rub, paint, rub, tung oil, wipe, tung oil, wipe, tung oil, wipe, wax, buff, wax, buff. If you missed any of that or just want more details you can follow this link back to Making It Old Again and Making It Old Again continued.

Next woodworking project will be to finish building a sewing table. We've spent some time this weekend scratching our heads on how to get the machine to recess into the top. We think we have a solution, stay tuned.

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