Thursday, September 6, 2007

No Our Internet Is Not Down

You realize just how much technology has changed your life when your Mom calls and wants to know if everything is okay because you haven't updated your blog.

We've just been really busy. M's been working on the screen doors. He cut a rabbet to hold the new glass panels, built the panel frames, made some screen mold and painted the new hardware. Just waiting for the paint to dry now.

He's also been filling his time off with little projects like installing the casters on my cutting table, hauling the Mars (little green men) TV to the curb and has been making a cribbage game board to send to his Dad for Christmas. (When you're sending something to a remote island you need to mail it early.) The two blocks of wood will be hinged together creating storage for the cards and game pieces.

In between educating the young'un, battling the dust bunnies and dealing with the garage sale aftermath, I managed to get the antique quilting frame cleaned up. Figured out we didn't have it put together correctly. There are small carved roman numerals for each cog wheel, rail and trestle end. Brilliant! I still need to replace the muslin then it will be ready to go. I wish it could talk and tell me some of the stories that must have been told while sitting around this old frame. I used Kramer's Best Antique Restorer to clean it up. I swear by this stuff now.


I also finished the wallhanging I started this spring. (Completely hand pieced and hand quilted.) And cleared out a space to start working on some Christmas gifts of my own.

So, given that's it's been a short holiday week, you can see we're not ignoring the blog, we're just TIRED. :)


Jayne said...

What a cool quilt frame that is--I've never seen one like that, with the cogs on the ends. You'll be putting it to good use this winter, I'm guessing.

Christine said...

Well, that's the idea. I figure at the rate I'm going it'll take at least a year to quilt a full size quilt. LOL

Renee said...

Wow - you have been busy. I've got to see the area where you keep finding things, like doors, on your property.

The game looks amazing. You've got a talented hubby.

The quilt looks great too. So we will be seeing a new project soon?

jenne said...

I was wondering what ever happened to your quilt blog? Is it still around somewhere? I miss seeing what you're up to :)