Saturday, June 7, 2008

I take it back!

A week ago Friday I mentioned in conversation that the weather was starting to turn a bit dry. It was just a casual observation. Not a complaint. Yet Mother Nature took great offense. In fact I'm guessing now it must have been her time of the month. In her Midol induced mania she's saying "Too dry, huh?" "You want rain?" "I'll show you rain!"

This is the engineer standing in our yard. You could say the ground is a little saturated.
Since last Friday, we've had about 1 1/2 feet of rain. We've been in the creepy basement taking cover from tornadoes and straight line winds more often than I care for. We've had three trees down and a bazillion limbs scattered all over. Some sticking vertically out of the ground like a Capitol One commercial.

Lighting knocked out our phone service for a few days. We have satellite internet so that's been hit or miss. Mostly missing. The rain flooded our well pit again, flooding out our pressure tank again, so we had to replace the switch again. We just did this back in March. So we got a quote of $1600 to move it into the basement. Where there is now water spurting out from between the brick foundation like a spigot. I think we'd be better off installing it in the attic.

But it could be worse. Lots worse. So many families have lost their homes by the tornadoes and flooding, we're counting our blessings. And keeping an eye on the creek that surrounds us on three sides.

What it should look like:


Renee said...

Sorry about the well and everything, but glad you are ok. Missed you last week.

Tipper said...

I wish Mother Nature could even it out-send some of our dry heat to you and some of your rain down south to us. And the wind-she could just stop.

Anonymous said...

yeah i thought we were goingto float away


Sandy said...

I'm glad you're all right...