Friday, June 13, 2008

Makeup! Where's Makeup?

There's a diva in every bunch isn't there? For the most part all the girls get along just fine. It's even hard to tell them apart. But there are a few that stand out.

Meet Tina,

and Cher.
"Whoa, I thought I was getting my own dressing room?"


Tipper said...

Very cute post-I think Cher is my favorite. Sorry about your water troubles.

Sandy said...

They are so cute! Love the "fluffy" feet!

The Dairy Wife said...

I love your Diva's! Although I think Cher is quite striking and deserves her own dressing room.

Ouch about the water problems .. but look at it this way, at least with all the rain the ground was soft for all the digging! (okay, hit me now)

I'm too in Indiana and we've had enough rain!