Monday, June 30, 2008

Blooms, Brambles, Birds and Birthdays

I spent so much time bent over pulling weeds yesterday I can barely stand up. If you're pulling them out by the wheelbarrow full, they might have gotten out of control. Maybe a little. Maybe a lot if you still have half the flower beds to go. With the crazy wet weather this year, I'm actually a little grateful we didn't get the veggie garden planted. Although we still had our first harvest of the year yesterday. Black raspberries!

I managed to collect enough to make a fresh picked black raspberry cobbler served ala mode that was TO DIE FOR. I'm not going to mention how much of it we ate in one evening. You'll be able to tell by our waistlines.

It's been a busy week for birds around here. We have a wild turkey that keeps hanging around the hen house. It's hard to tell if it's a hen looking for food or a young Tom looking for some action. Either way it makes me want some turkeys of my own to rub and pat and call them George.

We were also visited by eight massive turkey vultures or most folks around here call them buzzards. They were following the state mowing crew cleaning up the road kill. I can't even begin to express how eerie it was when I first noticed them swirling around and started counting them. I'm told they won't bother the chickens so my panic induced initial thought of reinforcing the chicken run with steel bars won't be necessary. Still a little worried about the dog though. Gonna have to teach her NOT to play dead.

And finally, in celebration of the last birthday I shall ever celebrate, the engineer purchased and installed the over the range microwave I've had my eye on ever since we moved in two years ago. I cannot begin to express the joy this small appliance brings me. To have the counter space free that the old one took up is a wonderful thing. Finally landing on that holding pattern birthday, not so much.


Amelia said...

Our blackberries will be ripe in a few days...still have some in deep freeze but will add more from this year's crop. Garden items such as squash, cukes, okra and tomatoes are starting to come in too. Will need to pick my strawberries this aft...fresh stuff sure does taste good.

Happy Birthday.

Jayne said...

Those raspberries look yummy! I tagged you--go on over to my blog and join in the fun.

Renee said...

Happy Birthday!!!!