Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Let the Fanfare Begin!

It's DONE!! Cue the chorus! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! Hal-le-lu-jah!!

The kid and I finished putting up the bird netting on top of the run yesterday afternoon. The chickens are happy. Mom's happy. The engineer is happy. The only one's not crazy about it are the dogs. The big one can't understand why I'd want to sit inside the run with the birds instead of petting him 24/7. The little one is mad because she can't figure out how to get inside to eat them.

Speaking of which, it took the neighborhood hawks exactly 24 hours to discover the chickens. We've always seen them circling way, way up high. But today I got to see 'em all way, way up close and personal like. They're HUGE! These aren't the cute little hawks you see sitting on a fence post. These things explain why we never see any barn cats. In fact, I'm a little concerned for the small dog's safety. The bird netting kept them away from the chickens. Or it may have been that crazy woman out there jumping up and down, screaming and waving a shovel. Hard to say.

We'll be building a matching fenced run on the other side of the coop, but that one we can work on at a little slower pace. If we're lucky, maybe we can set fence posts without the gallon of rainwater splashing up from the holes. In the mean time we'll start trying to remember what our lives were like B.C., before chickens. Surely we kept ourselves busy doing something? What'd you say? Oh yeah, the house! This was supposed to be an old house restoration blog. Gads, I might actually get a chance to tackle that creepy doll wallpaper border someday.


Jayne said...

Oh, you had to go and mention that creepy doll wallpaper again, just when I'd almost forgotten it!! I once got a 911 call from a hysterical woman telling me she had a 7-foot-tall bird in her backyard trying to kill her Chihuahua. Yep, it was a hawk.

Sandy said...

I'm so hoping that the hawk really wasn't 7 foot tall! LOL

Crazy lady? What crazy lady? LOL

I'm glad the chickens are happy. Sorry the dogs are not.

Tipper said...

Hawks can be big and mean. Glad you got the chickens all fixed up.

Anonymous said...

I've still have the "CHICKEN COOP& CATCHER" in my garage. Last report I had was something was getting the Oxford chickens, we have Hawks& BIG Vultures.That is sure a pretty house for chickens.
love ya me

Renee said...

That place is great! So, how often do you sit in there and sing "No one here but us chickens..."?

Anonymous said...

That is the nicest little red chicken coop I have ever seen. I bet the engineer is proud of himself too. Congrats to all :-)