Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gettin' Our Money's Worth

When you homeschool, that does not mean you're sitting home all the time. In addition to weekly park days, an art class and monthly rollerskating events we do a lot of field trips with other homeschool families in the area. Yesterday's event was rock climbing. Hey, it's educational, that qualifies as PE. And you know, it just might come in handy with all the mountains we have here in Indiana. (Uh huh?)

I wasn't so sure about this event, when we signed up for it. Seemed kind of expensive and a long drive. But after two and a half hours of climbing he only stopped because he had blisters on hands. I think we got our money's worth.

I on the other hand was tickled pink when I collected eggs. Look at the one on the left. It's HUGE!

And to my delight I was correct in my estimation. It was a double yolker, our first! For someone who likes to dip her toast in the yolk, it's kind of like winning a scratch off lottery ticket. You never really expect it, but it's a nice surprise. Unfortunately we'll need A LOT more of these to get our money's worth.

There was an extra brown egg when I collected this morning. So that means at least one of the fat bottom girls has started to lay. We're getting there. Woo hoo!


bennie and patsy said...

Glad to see home schooling can be so much fun. Happy about your good girls and there lovly eggs.

Jayne said...

A double-yolk egg--how cool. It looks like your son had a lot of fun at the climbing wall. Oh, and I like the new background.

Milah said...

After our tool shed blew down I'm standing there looking at a lot of scrap lumber and I'm thinking "Chicken Coop" My husband has never been sold on the idea so I called in our grand-daughter who has him wrapped around her finger. I showed her your blog and she started naming all your chickens and she told papaw all about them....and guess what....he's folding...You can see him look in her eyes and tell he's a gonner. I think I'll be getting me some chickens come spring. Thanks for inspiring her!

Allie said...

I didn't even know there was such a thing as double yolked eggs. That's really neat!

Karen Anne said...

I haven't seen a double yolk egg since I was a kid. I wonder if commercial types filter them out. I do buy from a small free range place, at least.